Reasons to pursue B.A. (Hons.) Human Rights from Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)

Does social injustice around the globe distress you? Have you ever wondered why there is indifference about human rights around the globe? Have you ever thought why, despite having a robust legal and normative framework surrounding human rights, it has somehow failed to address and implement the universality of human rights at various layers of society? Questioning why having several human rights instruments at the regional and national level are unsuccessful to compliment the international norms or human rights? Want to become a ‘Human Rights advocate’ and open the spectrum of career opportunities? 

As a civil society, we should understand that humans can never be construed as commodities and therefore should always be treated with respect. All human beings are born as equals with dignity and rights. Taking away the autonomy of their own body and movement shall be held as slavery or servitude and no human shall be subjected to things such as torture, cruelty, inhuman or degrading treatment, or punishment. As Nelson Mandela once said, “To deny people their human rights is to challenge their very humanity”.

Civil society has a key role to play in creating the conditions to realise, promote, raise awareness on social issues, advocate for a change, strive to develop progressive policies, implement new strategies, and work hand-in-hand with the government to bring a positive change to empower the vulnerable. Keeping this philosophy in mind the Jindal Global Law School at the O.P Jindal Global University (JGU) is offering an exceptionally remarkable, mind intriguing, and distinctive full-time Honours programme in Human Rights. This course is designed to address real-time concerns of human rights by particularly providing you with lucid understanding through academic discipline of the indifference about human rights around the globe. The course also intends to widen the horizon of understanding human rights violations, globally. Through the programme, the school aims to build human rights advocates with a thorough understanding of the subject, which is essential to build a strong establishment of the Human Rights redressal mechanism. 

The programme teaches you how the core function of human rights is based on the inherent characteristics of human dignity, and to rectify inequality among humans. It will provide you with social and political awareness about Human Rights which will help you in becoming a better future leader. The discipline is designed in a way to sensitize students about the various opportunities mapped herein based on their respective year of study through ‘Open House’ and ‘one-to-one’ interactions.

In addition to this, the course also provides you with a lucid understanding of the disparity of human rights from the ‘grassroots level’ to the ‘international level’. It equips you to understand the socio-political aspect of human rights, develops your ability to comprehend human rights work in paper and action, empowers you through human rights regime, knowledge of intersectionality, and human rights institution. It prepares you with experiential learning via problem-solving, how-to respond to the violation and enhances your ability to work as a team.

10 reasons to Study B.A (Hons.) Human Rights from the Jindal Global Law School, O.P Jindal Global University.

  1. It will provide you with an explicit understanding of the indifference in human rights around the globe.
  2. Provide you with a broader understanding for addressing the real-time concern of human rights.
  3. Gives you a social and political awareness of Human Rights.
  4. Provides a broader prospect of legal as well as the moral aspect of human rights.
  5. Tells you how the core function of human rights is based on the inherent characteristics of human dignity, to rectify inequality among human beings.
  6. With a faculty-student ratio of 1:9, JGU is among the few top-rated institutions that focus on education with a purpose. The university has one of the best faculties in the country and has also drawn international faculty from esteemed global institutions.
  7. More faculty means students have greater access to their teachers for clearing any doubts. This helps students a lot in building conceptual clarity and promotes independent thinking.
  8. The university also draws international faculty from esteemed global institutions.
  9. Its multidisciplinary approach enables students to follow a career path in various sectors such as advocacy, law, social service, international relation, communication, public service, etc.
  10. A strong foundation in human rights opens the spectrum for a career in global diplomacy, advocates, academics, social service, public service, human resources, and many more.

If you want to know more about this Undergraduate Degree in B.A. (Hons.) Human Rights, join us for an interactive session with Mr. Abhay Ojha, Deputy Director of Law School Admissions along with Stuti Lal, Manisha P. Bhagat, and Priyanka Nair, Managers for Law School Admissions at the Jindal Global Law School and get to know more about the programme and how the interdisciplinary approach helps shape the future of several young minds.

Date & Time: 29th January, 5PM

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The article is written and curated by the Admissions Team of Jindal Global Law School, O.P. Jindal Global University.

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