B.A. (Hons.) in Public Policy- A dynamic course for the next generation policymakers

“The best public policy is made when you are listening to people who are going to be impacted”

– Elizabeth Dole.

The world since 2020 has changed significantly in all its aspects – lifestyles, environment, economics, and more importantly governance and public policy.  While countries around the world came up to help each other, many of them change their policies not only in terms of national affairs but also for foreign engagement and partnerships. Public Policy of a country can create an impact across the world. Sound and principle public policies are persistently progressing space in a composite network across the world. While making a sound and effective public policy one must understand and uphold its traditional foundations and its different branches which emerge in the contemporary world.

In recent times, when the whole world is going through a structural change at the different stages of public policymaking and when the whole world is discussing the future of public policy in a significant way, students who are very keen on public policy and want to understand its roots must decide the best options for them.

The B.A. (Hons.) in the Public Policy programme at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy (JSGP) excites and inspires the aspiring next-generation policymakers who wish to witness dynamic changes in the field of public policy across the world. The prime objective of this programme is to cater to policymaking with an in-depth knowledge of public policy, its evaluation, along its theory and practice. This programme is interdisciplinary and a first-of-its-kind programme offered in India. It is based on the evidence of political science, economics, sustainable human development, qualitative and quantitative research methods, data and statistics, and other relevant fields to help the policymakers engage in solving and addressing the most challenging public policy issues at the ground level.

The new generation is advanced in terms of technology, critical thinking and Innovation. Recently India secured 46th rank in the Global Innovation Index report of 2021. We at the Jindal School of Government and Public Policy examined and understood the importance of innovation and technology required for an individual and communities. The B.A. (Hons.) in Public Policy programme will allow future generations of policymakers to study policymaking and analysis with their interest groups, comparative public policy, various issues of governance and public management. With the help of excellent and internationally-trained faculty students will have a golden opportunity to work with those who are probing issues that will affect the future of public policy making. The students will also have an excellent opportunity to work with the best faculty from across the world who study and addresses the critical and growing issues of public policy under the following research centres:

·       Centre for Ethics, Law, and Political Economy.

·       Centre for Development and Finance.

·       Centre for Sustainability.

·       JSGP Policy Research Lab.

·       Centre for Complexity Economics, Applied Spirituality and Public Policy.

It has been truly said that there is no substitute for learning from real-world experiences, and that is why we at Jindal School of Government and Public Policy provide this opportunity to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge which will help them to acquire a job in the field of public policy, governance, globalization, policy monitoring and evaluation. Implementation has been the biggest challenge, especially in India, this course will equip the student with the necessary and required critical and analytical skills for understanding the challenges of public policy at the grassroots levels and suggest a way forward for effective implementation.

“A stepping stone to an exciting career in public life” 

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