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“Kindness can change the world” – I have believed in this quote for as long as I can remember.

I was exposed to some situations as I grew up that I knew were wrong. Situations which I thought I could have benefitted from, but I was unable to get it due to lack of awareness. However, I was unable to advocate for myself or others, which made me feel hopeless. I wanted to say so much but it could not due to my lack of understanding and knowledge of the issues. After that, I resolved to become more aware of the difficulties and to create a profession by assisting individuals whose voices had gone unheard of, and to utilize my knowledge to help them. That is when I decided to make a career out of psychology and give back to society.

Studying Psychology, as we all know, is an emotional rollercoaster, especially if you have had a difficult past or are having a difficult present. When I was learning specific things, I went through a similar emotional rollercoaster. However, it provided me with a broader perspective on how to handle circumstances and make better judgments than I had previously. This issue not only made me more conscious of myself, but it also made me more aware of and compassionate about what others may be going through. It strengthened my belief in the quote I mentioned earlier. The professors at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) made the entire experience very enjoyable and knowledgeable, from discovering how I could better handle myself and situations to being more sympathetic and pursuing a very wonderful educational path. The friendly class discussions, assignments, and projects allowed us to open up and talk about the things that shaped us into the people we are now.

JGU was the best place for me to get my psychology undergraduate degree. I knew this university would present me with a plethora of chances and ways to maximize my participation in the course I had applied for. Even though I spent my first semester of college virtually, the learning has been as amazing as I could have hoped for if we were on campus. I cannot think of another college that compares to JGU in terms of giving everything at its top level, including class discussions, efforts put in by our professors, and study material offered by the College. Constant discussions before and after exams, healthy competitions between me and my friends to see who could score the best, and the constant effort put in for statistics (math was never my strongest subject), all helped me go out of my comfort zone and do things I never thought I could do!

The level of exposure here at JGU is unmatched and unparalleled. I came here expecting it to be extremely tough for me to adjust to everything, particularly because of the online environment, but Jindal, being the wonderful college that it is, made it so easy and pleasant for me to acclimate to everything, even in an online environment. One of the many things I’ve learned at JGU is that our dreams and aspirations have no bounds, and that we must believe in ourselves no matter how difficult things appear to be at the time, because things will always fall into place if we do.

I want to thank JGU and more importantly, my JSPC family for all the constant support I have received from their end. I cannot wait to come to campus and make the most of all the amazing facilities that the university offers for us. I am really looking forward to all the opportunities and chances that this university has to offer me in the remaining years of my college career. JGU has and will continue to assist me in making the best possible use of the opportunities presented to me.

The article is a first hand account of Riddhi Mukherjee, Student at Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling

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