Leadership at JGU

“Developing leadership characteristics in late school and early college life has now become incredibly significant. It isn’t just about having a feeling of power over oneself as well as other people, but more with regards to occupying a space and turning out to be better than who we were yesterday. Leadership empowers us to fill the silence that encompasses us. It inspires individuals to a more significant level of execution through their solid human relations. This quality helps us in arriving at our most elevated potential and recognising our assets.

From school, I have been presented with a number of responsibilities that expected me to either learn or have leadership characteristics. Being the President of a profoundly prolific Interact club sponsored by Rotary aided me in the development of leadership skills. I led the group of 50+ students and was entrusted with a ton of responsibilities and work on my shoulders. Through bad days and good days, I learnt the importance of patience and the art to sustain it in diverse circumstances. Apart from the skills and knowledge, I also realized that for my higher education I need a degree and a college that allows me to experiment, try out new things and be the best version of myself. O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU), was hence a dream come true.

When I got through the admission process at Jindal School of Psychology, O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) and my classes began, I wanted to accomplish something more than just attending lectures. The faculty members give me the space and time to incorporate creativity in all aspects of our education. We are given numerous opportunities to encounter what it resembles to be a leader.

The main viewpoint for fostering specific abilities is through taking part in different clubs and societies in the college. Probably the best opportunity that was given to us was that many clubs were searching for freshers regardless of whether they have any experience with what the occupation requested yet are willing to learn. Be it the Entrepreneurship club or Rotary club among numerous others, they permit us to gain from them. How could I possibly ignore these opportunities?

Since I am part of the inaugural batch of Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling, I alongside a friend of mine considered beginning a psychology club. Albeit, it is still in the process of becoming the official club of our university, the way that we are permitted to do something like this that is to begin another club with a vision and pristine aims was amazing and staggeringly supportive. This is the place where I got an opportunity from the university to show my leadership skills and even generally further improve it.

With regards to classroom presentations and group assignments, there may not be an assigned leader yet responsibilities are there. Through this, I learn, everyday a very important aspect of leadership that is teamwork. Even if my friends and I are working on a presentation at midnight we make sure that it is completed and rehearsed. The professors exceptionally always support us in our projects, and preparations and ensure that what we do is top-notch.

I’m amazingly grateful to JGU, and the faculties for giving us this opportunity. I believe that this will be unimaginably useful in times to come. Presently, there’s a lot that is yet to be discovered at JGU and I am looking forward to accomplishing all I can at this truly diverse and global university.”

The article is a first hand account of Rananjai Pratap Singh, Student, at Jindal School of Psychology & Counselling.

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