Devansh Jalan, student of Jindal Global Law School selected to participate in the Entrepreneur First Incubator Program

Mr. Devansh Jalan, student of Jindal Global Law School (JGLS ’21) has been selected to attend the Entrepreneur First Incubator Program. Entrepreneur First (EF) is a Greylock Partners-backed incubator and international Talent Investor which seeks exceptional individuals and invests in them to help build revolutionary companies. EF has offices in London, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Toronto, Paris and Bangalore.

EF aims to attract the top technical experts in fields such as computer science, maths, and engineering, with the goal of encouraging them to start their own businesses rather than enter traditional career tracks in the corporate or banking world. Many applicants have post-graduate degrees in specialist fields or have hands-on experience working in tech firms. People who have had successful careers in industry are also taken, and they can utilise their industry-specific expertise, business experience and contacts. Candidates have joined from financial services, the music industry, construction, media and more. Applicants do not need to have an idea for a business or a team in place before applying, but are evaluated solely on the basis of their ambition and talent. Several successful start-ups including Tractable (a unicorn) and Magic Pony Technology (Acquired by Twitter for $150 million) were launched at EF by incubator cohort members in the recent years.

Devansh will attend this program starting August 2021. He is the first cohort member at EF in India with an academic background in law. 

Devansh had earlier received Indian and US Patents for a technology he invented called ‘Method and System for Managing the Usage of a Plurality of Battery Units to Power an Electric Vehicle’. This technology aims to make the usage of electric vehicles more practical, flexible and economical in India and other developing countries. 

Congratulations to Devansh for this important recognition.

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