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Dean’s Message

Professor Tom Goldstein

Professor and Dean, JSJC

B.A. (Yale University): M.A.
( Columbia School of Journalism),
J.D. (Columbia Law School)

Dean’s Message

There has never a more interesting time to study and partake in journalism and communication. You cannot fact-check that statement, but I have been around journalism and journalism schools a long time, and I believe this is irrefutably a golden age of journalism.

After serving as dean at the journalism schools at both Columbia and Berkeley in the United States, I am proud to be dean again, this time at a new university brimming with energy and ideas.

At the Jindal School of Journalism & Communication, we want to be known for giving students individual attention. They will learn to be good readers and good writers. They will learn to express themselves clearly in different formats, including audio and video.

Students will learn substance, as well as technique. They will learn how to think fast.

They will learn to become organized. They will acquire a knowledge of the world, and they will acquire techniques to become life-long learners.

They will know better how things work. They will become resourceful.

JSJC will equip students to do lots of things—to be accurate, to be fair, to understand what is important.

Students will be taught that they must not be afraid to question authority. They should take nothing for granted.

I carry a prized possession with me, from job to job, which I will show you when you visit my office.

When I first started teaching, I repeated a phrase so often that, when classes were over, my students gave me a wooden plaque engraved with those words I had repeated to them many times.

It says simply: “ASSUME NOTHING.” Wise words to live by.