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Transnational Urbanism: Influence of Transnational Processes on the Co- Production of Urban Space in Indian Cities and Hong Kong

This project explores the ways by which flow of information, bodies and finance spurred by small trade and manufacture around electronic items (mobile phones, computers) intersects with the coproduction of space in India and Hong Kong. The linkages between small traders in India, manufacturers and wholesalers (export dealers) in Hong Kong have intensified since the mid-nineties. Indian traders with predominantly small to medium scale of business regularly travel to manufacturing regions such as Guangzhou and Shenzhen in mainland China and retail/wholesale outlets in Hong Kong.

Such connections are not new but date back to the 2nd century BC. Despite the connections, cities in India and China continue to be studied as bounded spaces. This study on connected cities aims to understand cities as nodes shaped by a variety of flows. The thrust of the investigation is on the ways in which the flows from China intersected with the constitution of economic, political or physical spaces in Indian cities. The research is undertaken in selected localities in New Delhi, Chennai and Mumbai.