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Governance of Urbanization and Environment in Indian Non-metros and its Peripheral Villages: The Case of Haryana, Arunachal Pradesh and Tamilnadu

This study seeks to map the forces driving the transformation of large villages and small towns and the associated social and environmental consequences in three Indian states, viz., Haryana, Mizoram and Tamilnadu. It examines the following questions to explore the State’s strategies to drive the urbanization process and the management of natural resources, in particular land and water.


  • What drives the growth dynamics of non-metros and its peripheral villages?


  • How does it impact the physical, social and economic spaces in such contexts?


  • How does the shift towards urban use or catering to urban markets influence food production and livelihoods?


  • What are its environmental implications, especially with reference to sustainable management of land, water and common property resources?