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Agrarian Policy (1947-1970) in Historical Perspective

This study has the following objectives.

Primary objectives:

  • To identify the salient elements of the agrarian policy during the first two decades since India’s independence (1947-1970)


  • Understanding the politico-economic compulsions, pressures and influences that shaped the policy formulation


  • Workings of the agrarian policy and what measure of success it achieved


  • Derive some pedagogical tools in the process of understanding the policy making process and develop teaching modules

Secondary objectives:

  • To understand the role played by the Ford Foundation in the shaping of the agrarian policy


  • What were the other ideological anchors that were informing the evolution of the agrarian policy, specifically, the Government of India commissioned surveys of Agrarian Cooperatives in China?


  • What were the significant debates preceding the formation of the Food Corporation of India, up until the time it became an entity with a real deliverable mandate (early 1970s)?


This project is funded by the JGU Research Grants Committee. It began in 2014 and is expected to conclude by 2017.