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JSGP Webinar on "Why do good papers get rejected?" by Dr. Zaad Mahmood, Associate Editor, Oxford Development Studies Journal, UK on 22-Jun-22

JSGP Open Lecture on Spirituality, Systems, Interpretations & Policies towards Deep Justice by Dr K. Parameswaran, Associate Professor of Law, Gujarat National Law University, Gandhinagar on19-Oct-22

JSGP Open Lecture on "Pandemic and the Bottom of Pyramid: An Assessment of Extreme Poverty in India" by Dr. Prem Vashishtha, Professor Emeritus, School of Business Studies, Sharda University on 21-Sep-22

JSGP Commencement Lecture on "The existential threat of climate change: role of public policy" by Ms. Sunita Narain, Director General, Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) on 16-Sep-22

Book discussion, "India’s Economy from Nehru to Modi: A Brief History" authored by Prof. Pulapre Balakrishnan, Professor of Economics, Ashoka University, Sonipat 2-Nov-22

Book Launch Seminar of “Unshackling India: Hard Truths and Clear Choices for Revival”, with Dr. Ajay Chhibber, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Institute for International Economic Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University on 23-Mar-22

Distinguished Public Lecture on "Making India a Prosperous and Happy Nation @100" by Dr. Ajay Chhibber, Distinguished Visiting Scholar, Institute for International Economic Policy, Elliott School of International Affairs, George Washington University on 22-Mar-22

JSGP Knowledge Workshop on "International Cooperation: Case Study -Research and Information System for Developing Countries (RIS)" by Dr. Stephan Klingebiel, Chair- Research Programme "Inter and Transnational Cooperation", German Development Institute and Distinguished Fellow, Centre for Sustainability, JSGP and his team Flora Hartmann, Elisa Madani, Jonas Paintner, Rebekka Rohe, Lisa Trebs and Teodor Wolk on 20-Apr-22

JSGP Open Lecture on "Delhi Green Deal" by Dr. Rohit Azad, Assistant Professor, CESP, Jawaharlal Nehru University and Dr. Shouvik Chakraborty, Assistant Research Professor, Political Economy Research Institute (PERI), University of Massachusetts, Amherst 11-Aug-22

JSGP Open Lecture on "Digital Markets: Economic Principles and Policy Implications" by Prof. Aditya Bhattacharjea, Professor of Economics, Delhi School of Economics, University of Delhi, Delhi on 11-May-22

JSGP Open Lecture on “Public Health: Critical Role of Local Governments in a Multi - level Governance Framework”, by Prof. Dinoo Anna Mathew, Researcher Department of Government, Uppsala University, Sweden on 13-Apr-22

JSGP Open Lecture on “‘Do Policy Paradigms Impact Development?”, by Prof. Dr. Rahul Mukherji, Professor and Head, Department of Political Science; Executive Director, South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University on 6-Apr-22

JSGP Open Lecture on “Ambiguities in Media Ownership Rules: Do They Serve the Public Interest?" by Sukumar Muralidharan, Professor, Jindal School of Journalism & Communication on 12-Oct-22

Asian Book Launch: Politics of Being: Wisdom and Science for a New Development Paradigm by Thomas Legrand on 12-Feb-22

JSGP Faculty Development Workshop on 22-23 Jan-22

Public Talk on “Defeating the commercial determinants of health globally: what is the role of research?” by Christopher Millett, Professor of Public Health, Imperial College London, UK on 14-Nov-22

JSGP Round Table Discussion on “Labour and Work in the Global South: Comparative Perspectives” on 16-Sep-22

Roundtable Discussion on "International Reaction to the Russian Aggression in Ukraine on 9-Mar-22

Workshop on Gendering Domestic-Care Work Hosted by Jindal School of Government and Public Policy, O.P Jindal Global University, London School of Economics, Oxford Brookes University & the British Academy on 2-Aug-22

Role of Technology on Education 9th June

Webinar on Who Wants to become an Economist?On 27thDec 2021 By Prof . Vatsalya Srivastava

A Webinar On: Public Policy and its Career Ahead on 26thJan 2022 By Dean & Prof. R Sudarshan.

Webinar on Why Pursue Online MA in Public Policy? on 11 December 2021

JSGP Virtual Faculty Seminar by Sunaina Dhingra Scheduled on 1st December 2021