B.A. (Hons.) Economics

Start Date
01 August 2021

End Date
31 July 2024

3 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)
Rs. 3.5 Lacs

Course Structure

This degree programme in Economics (Honours.) provides theoretical and practical knowledge that enables students to carefully unpack and precisely analyse economic interactions. JSGP Economics graduates are able to:

  • Understand the interrelation between the economy and society.
  • To consider economic problems from a global perspective and take a local approach to solve them.
  • To make connections between different components of an economic system.
  • To gauge the implications of decisions related to economic policy.
  • To respond to the economic problems arising from society in general and the different units that interact therein.

The discipline of economics is mathematically intensive and analytically rigorous. The curriculum of B.A. (Hons.) Economics is designed to develop analytical and problem-solving skills. The first 2 years of the programme is dedicated to building a strong foundation in quantitative skills and core economic sub-fields of Micro, Macro-Economics and Econometrics. In the third year, the programme allows a student to take up electives that match their interests. Our programme offers a wide variety of electives that are aimed at providing opportunities to better understand both quantitative and qualitative aspects of society and life. Our programme also helps students develop their soft skills like writing, reading, speaking and presentation.

Course curriculum

1st Year

Semester 1

  • Influential Ideas in the Evolution of Economics
  • Critical Academic Writing
  • Mathematics 1
  • Statistics 1
  • Principles of Economics

Semester 2

  • Maths 2
  • Macro Economics 1
  • Game Theory 1
  • Micro Economics 1
  • Statistics 2

2nd Year

Semester 3

  • Micro Economics 2
  • Game Theory 2
  • Macroeconomics 2
  • Ecotrix 1
  • Environmental Studies

Semester 4

  • Macro Economics2
  • Applied Economic Analysis
  • Development Economics
  • Econometrics 2
  • Equity and Fairness

3rd Year

Semester 5

  • International Trade
  • Money & Banking
  • Indian Economy
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2

Semester 6

  • Development in Indian Economy
  • Elective 1
  • Elective 2
  • Elective 3
  • Elective 4