The MA in Business Laws programme is O.P Jindal Global University’s initiative to address the needs arising from the unique dynamics of the current corporate environment, where business intersects with law, policy and dispute resolution. Today, corporate professionals – ranging from those involved with human resources, innovation strategy, intellectual property management or business compliance – have to synchronise their managerial skills with legal and regulatory strategy to ensure effective compliance and reduce their company’s risk profile, while growing their business. The Masters degree programme provides an all-important bridge between the various disciplines and skills required by the modern business professional.

This gives the MA in Business Laws a dynamic curriculum and teaching methodology to address contemporary legal and regulatory issues clearly and comprehensively, so that our executive learners develop real-world legal knowledge and enhance their technical and analytical skills to excel at their corporate and business roles. The postgraduate degree programme in business laws provides corporate officers, mid- to senior level executives and entrepreneurs with contemporary management ideas and practices in conjunction with cutting-edge legal, compliance, and regulatory tools to lead, comply, challenge, and innovate.


Bachelor’s degree in any subject with not less than 50% aggregate marks.

  • Business professionals who do not possess an LLB degree (and therefore cannot proceed directly to an LLM), who nevertheless need a solid grounding in Business Laws to advance in their careers in the legal, tax, accounting, banking insurance and corporate finance domains.
  • Experienced senior executives, government official, senior partners, entrepreneurs – for example in other management fields such as medicine, healthcare, public administration, government department, higher education, journalism, engineering and management consulting.
  • Those practitioner-scholars who simply want to embark on a rigorous, highly selective, world-class journey of continuous self-improvement and acquire a wider knowledge base and personal network with academic accreditation and an international reputation for excellence.