Shaurya Upadhyay

Shaurya Upadhyay

Assistant Professor of Law Assistant Dean (Blended LL.M. Programmes, CPGLS) Member, Committee on Academic Support for Higher Education in Law Faculty Mentor, Moot Court Society

LL.M. (London School of Economics and Political Science);

LL.B. (University of Delhi);

B.A. History (Honours) (University of Delhi)

Prof. Upadhyay is currently an Assistant Professor of Law and Assistant Dean with the Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies. He serves as a Founding Member of the JGU Committee on Academic Support for Higher Education in Law (CASHEL) and as a Faculty Mentor for the JGLS Moot Court Society (MCS).

He pursued his B.A. in History (Hons) from Hansraj College and LL.B. from the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. He received the J.N. Tata Scholarship and received his LL.M. from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

After completing his LL.M., specialising in International Business Laws, Prof. Upadhyay worked for a year with the Head of the International Arbitration and International Contract law department at the LSE. He also served as the President of the LSE International Arbitration society (2017-18), and was a coach of the LSE Vis Moot team (2018 – 21). Prof. Upadhyay has previously served as the Founding Editor-in-Chief of the Delhi Law Review (Student Ed.), the Convenor of the Faculty of Law Moot Court Society, and the President of the Hansraj College Debate Society. He was actively involved in mooting and debate and represented the University of Delhi at the Willem C. Vis Moot (2017), as well as at the World University Debate Championship (2014).

He has also previously spent two years working with top international arbitration practices in London where he has worked on international commercial and investment arbitration and commercial litigation cases in the energy, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and technology sectors, and has worked on pro-bono cases related to sexual and gender based violence and the unlawful imprisonment of journalists.

Prof. Upadhyay’s currently teaches courses on International Commercial Arbitration, Contract Law, and Trial Advocacy. His academic interests lie in the field of international disputes, public international law, gender and anti-discrimination studies, and the study of adjudicatory and dispute resolution mechanisms. He has published on topics related to international arbitration, privacy law, anti-sexual harassment laws, and investment treaty law.


  • “Confidentiality in Investment Arbitration” Jus Mundi WikiNotes, 2020
  • “The UK Supreme Court and International Commercial Arbitration” co-authored with Jan Kleinheisterkamp, in A van Hooft and J Tossens (eds), Belgian Review of Arbitration, Volume 2019 Issue 2 pp. 501 – 521
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LL.B. Programme

  • Contract Law I
  • Moot Court and Trial Advocacy

LL.M. Programme

  • International Commercial Arbitration
  • Commercial Contracts Drafting
  • Law and Justice in a Globalising World