Pushpita Dutta

Pushpita Dutta

Academic Tutor & TRIP Fellow

B.Com. LL.B. (Mody University, Sikar);

LL.M. (NLIU, Bhopal)

Ms. Pushpita Dutta is presently a TRIP Fellow and Academic Tutor at Jindal Global Law School. She has completed her master’s in Constitutional and Administrative Law from National Law Institute University, Bhopal and B.Com. LL.B. from Mody University, Rajasthan. Dutta has co-edited the Banthia Law Journal Vol-2 on Emerging Aspects of International Law, which released in 2017. Her publications so far, revolve around the areas of human rights, hate crimes, gender equality, jallikattu controversy and the doctrine of humanitarian intervention.

Through her master’s thesis on the topic ‘Constitutional Morality and Liberty as the Aspirational Value- The Journey of the Supreme Court of India’, she endeavoured to explore and scrutinise the jurisprudential essence of ‘legal moralism’ in India. Presently, her research seeks to further explore various tenets of constitutional jurisprudence and legal-political philosophy. She has also actively assisted Child Rights and You and The Spastics Society of Karnataka in Bengaluru in short interesting research projects with respect to containing the social evil of child labour and furthering the rights of disabled persons in India, respectively, in the capacity of an intern.

Dutta is also tremendously passionate about exploring the research dimension of Law and Literature with special reference to legal-literary hermeneutics, which according her is yet to receive its due significance in India. She has also been an active member of AIESEC during her university days. Dutta also has a short Public Policy Course from Centre of Civil Society and a Spanish Diploma to her credit.

The lines “Talents differ; all is well and wisely put; if I cannot carry forests on my back, neither can you crack a nut.” from the poem The Mountain and the Squirrel, by Ralph Waldo Emerson speaks to her in volumes. She is a flag bearer of meditation and yoga; and a Calvin and Hobbes comics enthusiast.