Nishtha Singh

Nishtha Singh


B.A. LL.B. (Army Institute of Law, Punjab);

LL.M., Ph.D. candidate (NALSAR, Hyderabad)

Nishtha is currently pursuing her Ph.D. from NALSAR University of Law, Hyderabad and her research topic is a ‘Medical Jurisprudential critique on the medical intervention that continues to be carried-out on neonates/children who are born with atypical sex traits or intersex variations’.

Her LL.M. degree was received from NALSAR with specialization in Jurisprudence under the able supervision of Prof. (Dr.) Amita Dhanda in 2013, who also guided her dissertational research on the invisibilization of people who are born with gender ‘variations’ in the society. Nishtha graduated from Army Institute of Law, Mohali with a specialization in Human Rights and, have been associated with NGO’s that are actively engaged with discourse on Gender Identity, Child Rights and Environmental Law.

Nishtha also holds a keen interest in the underpinning of legal theory, and its intersectional approach to reassess the normalized legal paradigm. She had prior experience of teaching at Amity University Rajasthan from 2013-15, then at NALSAR for a brief period in 2012 as a Teacher Associate with Prof. (Dr.) Amita Dhanda and also in 2017, while offering an elective course on Gender Dysphoria. Nishtha has been closely associated with the Centre for Disability Studies at NALSAR from 2015-17 i.e. during the span of their doctoral research.