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Start Date

1 August 2023
End Date
31 July 2026
3 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 6 Lacs


Global Opportunities

Student Exchange Programme

Global knowledge and education drive students towards recognising and embracing an array of different cultural and community perspectives. An international experience creates new career opportunities, while also broadening the perspective of students. It is with this aim that JGLS considers Student Exchange programmes for one semester to be of vital importance.

JGLS offers a geographically diverse and academically enriching variety of Student Exchange programmes. We provide students the opportunity to spend a semester abroad at one of our partner institutions spread across varying legal systems, from common law to civil law. These exchanges offer each student something unique and remarkable to learn and bring back with them. The exchanges not only enrich students’ lives in the academic and professional sphere, but also enhance language learning, intercultural skills, self-reliance, self-awareness, and a plethora of soft skills that are crucial in today’s time. These experiences help students become citizens of the world, replete with the abilities and responsibilities attached to such global citizenship. In addition, these qualities also enhance students’ job prospects in a dynamic professional workplace where employers across the globe have gone ‘global’.

The Student Exchange programmes are open for our students pursuing the five-year B.A. LL.B / B.B.A. LL.B programmes; three-year LL.B. programme and one-year LL.M. programme. The exchanges are mutual and shared with our partner institutions. Each year, eligible students from JGLS spend a semester at one of our partner institutions across the globe and we host their students on our residential campus. The programme is revenue-neutral with respect to tuition fees. Students continue to pay their tuition fees at their respective home institution; however, they are responsible for their travel, living and other ancillary expenditure.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for the Semester Exchange programmes, a student should meet the given eligibility criteria –

  1. Students must be in their –
  • Third or fourth year of study of the five-year B.A. LL.B. or B.B.A. LL.B. programme (or)
  • Second year of study of the three-year LL.B. programme (or)
  • First semester of study of the one-year LL.M programme.
  1. Students must have a high academic standing.
  2. Students must not have had any disciplinary action, in the past or pending, during their course of study at JGLS.

Dual Degree programme

Dual Degree programmes have been a popular choice for students who are interested in pursuing higher education and employment opportunities in the USA. This collaboration allows the students to achieve B.A./B.B.A. LL.B. (5-year) or LL.B. (3-year) degree and J.D. (Juris Doctor) degree in a shortened duration without compromising on the quality of education. The Dual Degree programmes allow for an overall reduction of two years to earn the two degrees, thereby providing a considerable gain towards career development.


JGLS has inked historic MOUs with prominent universities to establish Dual Degree programmes. This will pave way for extraordinary opportunities for the students of JGLS. The partner institutions for this collaboration are:

  • Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana
  • University of Arizona, Tucson, Arizona
  • University of New Hampshire, New Hampshire
  • Tilburg University, Netherlands – (Global LL.B.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria

In order to apply for the Dual Degree programme, a student should meet the given eligibility criteria-

1.  Students must be in their –

  • Fourth year of study of the five-year B.A. LL.B. or B.B.A. LL.B. programme (or)
  • Second year of study of the three-year LL.B. programme

2. Students must have good academic standing.

3. Students must not have had any disciplinary action, past or pending, during their course of study at JGLS

LL.M. Pathway Programme

The LL.M. Pathway collaboration provides a unique opportunity to JGLS students to secure an LL.M. degree with our partner institutions upon completion of their final year of study at JGLS. The programmes are designed to cater to students with an academic bent of mind who are interested in pursuing higher education opportunities at some of the best institutions around the world. The selected students spend their final year of study at the partner institution to pursue the Masters of Law (LL.M.) programme. This collaboration allows for an overall reduction of one year in securing both the degrees (B.A. LL.B./B.B.A. LL.B./LL.B. and LL.M.) without compromising on the quality of education. The LL.M. Pathway programmes are highly coveted among JGLS students and have provided avenues for postgraduate education for many of our students.  


King’s College, London: JGLS students have the opportunity to choose from the various specialisations offered at the Dickson Poon School of Law, such as Competition Law, European Law, Intellectual Property and Information Law, International Business Law, International Financial Law, International Dispute Resolution, International Tax Law, and Transnational Law.

Monash University, Melbourne: The Faculty of Law at Monash University offers a range of specialisations including Commercial and Corporate Law, Criminal Law and Forensics, Dispute Resolution, Global Society and Human Rights, Health Law and Community, Labour and Employment Law, Public Sector Governance and Regulation, Technology and Innovation, and Transnational Economic Regulation. The JGLS students nominated for this programme have the option to pursue any of these specialisations.

Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham: JGLS students have the opportunity to choose from the various specialisations offered at the School of Law in Nottingham Trent University. These specialisations include Sports Law, Intellectual Property Law, Corporate and Insolvency Law, Health Law and Ethics, Human Rights and Justice, International Trade and Commercial Law, Oil, Gas and Mining Law, and International Financial Law.

Southampton University, Southampton: The JGLS students selected for this programme have the option to choose from the following specialisations Commercial and Corporate Law, Maritime Law and International and Human Rights Law.

ISDE, Madrid: JGLS students have the opportunity to pursue ISDE’s highly specialised Master’s degree in International Sports Law

The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tuffs University, Massachusetts: The JGLS students nominated for this programme have the opportunity to pursue the prestigious International Law LL.M. programme. This programmes does not provide eligibility to appear for the Bar Examination in the USA.

University of Dayton, School of Law, Ohio: JGLS students have the opportunity to pursue the LL.M. programme in American and Transnational Law through online mode.

Beasley School of Law, Temple University, U.S.A

University of Sydney Law School, University of Sydney, Australia 


Selection Process

Our students are nominated through a transparent, rigorous and meticulous selection process for the various student mobility programmes. The selection process is as follows* –

  1. Call for applications for the respective programmes are circulated.
  2. Interested students may be required to upload the following documents vis-a-vis their applications

  • An updated transcript;
  • An updated resume;
  • Statement of purpose (SOP); and
  • Any other document relevant for the selection process.

  1. Applicants who meet the minimum eligibility criteria are called for an interview.
  2. Students are ranked based on their academic achievement, motivation for participating in the programme, interview scores, etc.
  3. Students are nominated to the partner universities on the basis of their ranks and choice of programme.

*Additional processes may be added depending on the requirement of the partner institution.

Collaborative Research Centres

To foster a collaborative research culture, JGLS has witnessed growth of two jointly run research centres, that work on cutting edge issues on law and policy, that fall under their domain:

Centre for India Australia Studies (CIAS)

The India-Australia relationship is growing from strength to strength, encouraged by the convergence of common interests in various areas such as education, regional security, energy and resources and international trade. Both nations have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen bilateral ties.

The Centre for India Australia Studies (CIAS) has been established to harness this momentum and drive collaboration in key areas of the relationship. The CIAS is the first and only Centre with a focus on the India-Australia bilateral relationship that is embedded in an Indian Higher Education Institution. The vision of CIAS is to emphasise the important bilateral relationship existing between India and Australia.

The CIAS has created opportunities for students and academics in India to learn about, and experience, Australia, and for Australian students and academics to learn about India

To date, the India Immersion Programme has hosted more than 100 Australian students for intensive residential programmes in India, all funded by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan. The students gain about Indian society, culture, foreign policy, business and law. In addition, the CIAS runs an international internship programme, providing opportunities for students in Australia and India to gain work experience in leading institutes, companies and Government bodies, in the other country. The CIAS also runs an Australia Studies programme in India, teaching Indian students about Australian society, culture, business and law.

The CIAS also catalyses academic linkages through joint conferences, joint teaching and joint publications with Australian partner universities. More than 200 distinguished Australians have visited JGU and the CIAS since its inception in 2016.

Centre for India-China Studies (CICS)

Centre for India-China Studies (CICS) was established on October 1st 2014 by the Jindal Global University. CICS provides a multi-disciplinary intellectual platform for academia, practitioners and students to discuss, debate and research on economic, social and cultural facets of India and greater China. It is also committed to playing an active intellectual role on issues related to India-China collaborations at regional and international level

  • Short Term Study Abroad Programmes (STSAPs) have become extremely relevant for the universities who aspire to impart a world-class learning experience to its students. The international exposure not only broadens the students’ outlook but introduces them to the multi-cultural and interdisciplinary learning environment. This global confluence of experience equips the students with skills and knowledge to educate and inspire them in the fast-evolving global world. It will also help them imbibe the required qualifications and expertise that will be relevant in the globalised work environment.

Over the past few years, International Institute for Higher Education Research and Capacity Building at O.P. Jindal Global (Institution of Eminence Deemed To Be University) has been leading the effort in coordinating and organising various short-term study abroad programmes for the benefit of JGU students. These include programs to world-renowned institutes such as the University of Oxford, Harvard University, Columbia University, Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania, California-Berkeley, Fletcher School of the Tufts University, Sciences Po, amongst many others. The vision behind the organisation of these programmes is to provide the students with transformative experiences, and the necessary qualifications and capabilities to set them apart and ahead in the globalised world.

The three-four-week short term fully residential programmes are structured in a way that cuts across the themes of law, business, diplomacy, media and communication, sports, governance, culture and human rights. The interdisciplinary nature of these credit-based programmes ensures maximum participation from students across JGU’s various schools.

Needless to say, these programmes have been immensely successful. Every year over 200 students opt for various short term programmes organised by the university over summer and winter breaks.

Collaboration List


  • Bar-Ilan University Law, Israel
  • China University of Political Science and Law(CUPL), China
  • City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Higher School of Economics (HSE), Russia
  • Jenderal Soedirman University, Indonesia
  • Renmin University, China
  • Tel Aviv University, Israel
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
  • Tsinghua University, China


  • Birmingham City University, UK
  • Brunel University, London, UK
  • Bucerius Law School, Germany
  • EBS Universität, (EBS), Germany
  • Escola Superior d’Administració i Direcció d’Empreses, (ESADE), Spain
  • Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE), Spain
  • King’s College London, UK
  • KOC University İstanbul, Turkey
  • Masaryk University, Czech Republic
  • Nottingham Trent University, UK
  • Queen Marry University of London, UK
  • Sciences Po Paris, France
  • Stockholm University, Sweden
  • The University of Oxford, UK
  • Tilburg University,Netherlands
  • University of Prato,Monash University Prato Centre, Italy
  • University Comillas, Germany
  • University of Comillas Madrid, Spain
  • University of Granada, Spain
  • University of Oxford, UK
  • University of Sheffield, UK
  • University of Southampton, UK
  • University of Wroclaw, Poland


  • Brooklyn Law School, USA
  • Columbia Law School, New York, USA
  • Cornell University,USA
  • FGV DIREITO SP, Brazil
  • Fordham University School of Law, USA
  • Harvard University, USA
  • University of Illinois College of Law, USA
  • Indiana University Bloomington, USA
  • Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM), Mexico
  • York University, Osgoode Hall Law School, Toronto, Canada
  • Temple University, Temple Law School, USA
  • Tufts University, The Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, USA
  • University of California, UC Davis Law School, USA
  • University of Arizona, USA
  • University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • University of Dayton, School of Law, USA
  • University of New Hampshire, USA
  • University of Pennsylvania, USA
  • Vanderbilt University, USA


  • La Trobe University, Australia
  • Monash University, Australia
  • Murdoch University, Australia
  • University of Queensland, Australia