The vision in establishing JGU and JGLS is to impart globalized education with a view to producing world-class professionals, scholars, and academics in law and other disciplines. Globalization has opened various opportunities and challenges which have created the need for competent academics, scholars and professionals. The vision of JGU and JGLS is to fulfill this need by equipping their students and faculty with the knowledge, skills, scholarship and vision to meet these challenges and demands of globalization. India, which is on the verge of becoming an economic superpower, must produce world-class professionals, scholars, and academics to compete globally. History indicates that excellence in education leads to economic growth and development. The Founders of JGU and JGLS, having realized this, have come up with the mission to establish this global institution in India, which will be comparable to the best in the world.

Public funds are scarcely available for higher education in India. Private funds are therefore required in the current educational scenario. The gap between the availability and the need for funds in higher education could be met only by corporate and individual philanthropy. Our mission is implemented through corporate philanthropy and commitment to corporate social responsibility of the Jindal Group, which is a multinational Indian corporate business house. It is hoped that JGU and JGLS will provide new opportunities in the field of private non-profit higher education.

To achieve the vision of providing globalized education in India, JGLS has recruited the best faculty from across the globe. JGLS has entered into collaborations, exchange programmes, research partnerships and other forms of engagement and interaction with top universities and institutions across the globe which are willing to share their invaluable intellectual resources developed over decades. JGU aspires to build upon the experiences of the past and the innovations in teaching that are taking place at present to create for the future an institution of global excellence. JGLS is providing world-class legal education to a diverse and talented body of students who have joined the University beginning in September 2009. They are given international exposure at the JGLS. There are faculty and student exchange programmes and academic collaboration arrangements with leading law schools, such as Harvard, Yale, NYU, Sydney, Keio and many other reputed universities in the world. Students are provided support and training to participate in national and international mooting competitions and other student activities. JGLS is also regularly hosting international events, conferences, seminars, symposia, workshops and round table events.