About the Conference

“European Studies” as an academic discipline has gathered substantial interest among scholars inside and outside Europe. The European Union (EU) model of integration has prompted many non-European states also to take interest in European Studies. This interest has translated into many academic initiatives in the form of courses, degrees, research centres, visiting scholars, student mobility, academic chairs, and conferences. The non-European contribution to European Studies scholarship has also increased substantially over the last couple of decades.         

This bourgeoning interest is inspiring. However, there is an absence of organization in the non-European engagement with European Studies, which could be attributed, to a larger extent, to the non-European unfamiliarity with the historical-epistemological process through which European Studies developed as a discipline. The absence of a common method (Bologna process is yet to gain a firm-footing in non-European imagination) and shared intellectual sensibilities further contributed to the lack of organization.   

However, the said absence in no way signifies a lack of interest in European Studies or in Europe as a socio-polity. Particularly in Asia—thanks to its social and political connections with European states—European Studies has been a discipline of high relevance. However, mindful of the need to generate common and shared intellectual grounds, which may further strengthen Asian states’ relationship with Europe, this Dissemination Conference, organized under “Project EURASIA”, aims to ideate, and reimagine the disciplinary foundations of European Studies and revisit the utility of the discipline to Asian states. 

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Distinguished Speakers
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Thematic Sessions

Distinguished Speakers

The Conference brings together distinguished academics, decision-makers, diplomats, students and stakeholders from India as well as from different regions of the world to deliberate on revitalizing “European Studies” in the Asian region in the form of 20+ thematic sessions over three days.

Prof. (Dr.) Sujata Manish Arya

Assistant Professor
Symbiosis Law School, Pune
Symbiosis International (Deemed University)

Prof. (Dr.) Paul Bacon

Faculty of International Research and Education
Waseda University

Prof. Elisabetta Bergamini

Associate Professor
Holder of Jean Monnet Module in European Family Law
University of Udine

Prof. (Dr.) Sebastian Bersick

Head of Department
Jean Monnet Chair in International Political Economy of Asia-Europe Relations
Faculty of East Asian Studies
Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Prof. (Dr.) Maria Pilar Canedo

School of Law
University of Deusto

Prof. (Dr.) Shantanu Chakrabarti

Department of History
University of Calcutta
Honorary President of Association of European Studies in India India

Future of European Studies in Asia


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