Dr. Shilpi Sharma

Dr. Shilpi Sharma

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (University of Delhi);

M.Sc. (University of Delhi);

Ph.D. (University of Strathclyde)

: shilpi@jgu.edu.in

Dr. Shilpi Sharma is a Chartered Psychologist member of the British Psychologist Society as well as a trained psychometric assessor on the Register of Qualifications in Test Use, British Psychological Society. Dr Sharma holds a PhD in Psychology pursued from University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. Her doctorate research integrated theories of appraisal and coping into an overarching framework to explain fear and anxiety in children with high-functioning autism spectrum disorders, in a longitudinal design. She has also gained degrees in M.Sc child development (Delhi University), M.S. Psychotherapy (evening classes, semi-distance mode) and B.Sc (Hons.- Delhi University). After completing her two Masters degrees in Delhi, Dr Sharma worked as a counsellor at Mothers Pride Preschool (Punjabi Bagh), Ramjas Day Boarding School (Anand Parbat), and at private clinics for slow learners (under guidance of Psychiatrist Dr Gurmukh Singh, Gujranwala Town, Delhi). She was working as a lecturer at the Indraprastha College for Women, Delhi University in the year 2006, when she was invited to pursue doctorate research in UK. During her doctorate research, Dr Sharma was awarded Anne and Benson cash award for merit performance, University Post-graduate scholarship as well as Overseas Research Student Award (ORSAS). After completing her PhD in the year 2009, Dr Sharma joined Coventry University’s Co-Creating Health project as a researcher (Oct 2009-Aug 2011). Before joining the OP Jindal University, she was a key executive member of the multi-disciplinary research team leading the evaluation of the Childsmile project (Scotland’s national child oral health programme) (Aug 2011-end Sep 2014). Dr Sharma is a first author on numerous academic publications and conference presentations at national and international platforms. In addition to her extensive international research experience, she has over 8 years of experience teaching a wide range of courses on special needs, Biological Psychology, Developmental and Educational Psychology, Social Psychology and Child welfare, Statistics and Research Methods etc across Indian (Delhi University: Indraprastha College for Women) and British Universities (Glasgow University, Coventry University, University of Strathclyde).

Published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, wrote or edited over twenty books, among them: Emotions in International Politics (Cambridge UP 2016); Ethical Values and Integrity of the Climate Change Regime (Ashgate 2015); Spoiler Groups and UN Peacekeeping (Routledge 2015); Access to International Justice (Routledge 2015); Security Council as Global Legislator (Routledge 2014); International Rule of Law and Professional Ethics (Ashgate 2014); Legality and Legitimacy in Global Affairs (Oxford UP 2012); Norms of Protection: Responsibility to Protect and Protection of Civilians (UNU Press 2012); After Oppression: Transitional Justice in Latin America and Eastern Europe (UNU Press 2012); Blood and Borders (UNU Press 2011); Human Rights Regimes in the Americas (UNU Press 2010); World Religions and Norms of War (UNU Press 2009); International Criminal Accountability and Children’s Rights (Cambridge UP 2006).