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Career Development

Office of Career Services (OCS) at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) is setup with a mandate to promote professional careers of its students. OCS constitutes of JGLS students, faculty members, and administrative staff, and develops the agenda for developing the students’ careers and managing recruiter relationships.


I. Career Development – Traditional education in law, including its co-curricular and extra- curricular activities, form the basis of legal education across law schools in India and We at JGLS recognize that the traditional education in law is proving insufficient for professional development of law students for taking up transformative and leadership positions in today’s fast evolving legal market. In order to bridge this gap between education & professional training, OCS has developed innovative programs keeping students’ professional development at the heart of its agenda.


a). Professional Skills Training – Pervasive professional training geared towards not just soft skills & language development, but also building students’ overall personality including confidence building and attitude training. Students are provided professional development training from their 1st year of joining the law school in order to assist them in managing their professional growth at different levels of law school. Interview handling skills, Group Discussions, Presentation skills, Résumé writing workshops, Personality development, etc. OCS currently has over 40 training modules being delivered each semester across various programs and batches of JGLS.

b). Industry Collaborations – OCS has been consciously working to form industry collaborations with law firms, private equity funds, corporates & NGOs for developing & sourcing research projects to provide industry experience to the students. This also assists in building familiarity in the market for facilitating internship & placement opportunities for JGLS students. These collaborations take specific forms of short term practice focused courses offered at JGLS by partners & leading practice experts, and research & compliance labs on campus where students work with or without faculty experts. OCS currently has over 7 industry collaborations with law firms, LPOs, private equity funds and corporations.


c). Subject area or Practice area conferences/seminars – OCS organized subject or practice area focused seminars and conferences each semester on and off campus. These conferences & seminars provide a valuable opportunity to JGLS students to gain in-depth understanding of various practices within law today being thematic events. Additionally, these events also provide an understanding of emerging careers streams for law students in the market today, and assists them in planning & working towards shaping their own careers based on their Last, these conferences/seminars also provide valuable networking opportunities for JGLS students who are often able to self- generate their own career opportunities. OCS currently organizes over 4 annual conferences and over 10 – 12 industry/subject area sessions each semester.


d). Industry Internship Program – Internships are a key component of achieving OCS agenda for providing professional exposure and practical learning to supplement the classroom training of law. JGLS students follow a guided internship program, whereby they start their training from the 1st year with organizations which correspond to their legal knowledge and skills acquired. In the 1st year for the 5 years’ program, the students are encouraged to intern with NGOs, civil society organizations & research organizations as this assists the students in honing their research skills, and understanding the legal issues at the grassroots level. As they progress through law school, their internships diversify and include trial lawyers, regulatory departments, corporations, think-tanks, corporate law firms, litigation firms, start-ups, among others. During their senior years at the law school, OCS arranges ‘Assessment Internships’ whereby interested students are matched with hiring firms & organizations to be assessed during this internship for being given pre-placement offer (PPO). JGLS’ internship program provides students a wide exposure to the legal industry and practice skills which directly contribute to their professional development & career goals. OCS currently manages over 200 internships for JGLS students across various batch & programs.


e). International Internship Program – JGLS has arranged several international internships in order to provide exposure to international legal industry to the students.

The notable international internships provided at JGLS include:

  • Internships at the Abu Dhabi & London offices of White & Case;
  • Judicial Clerkship at the Hawaii State Supreme Court;
  • Summer & winter internship at the Attorney General Office, Sydney (Australia);
  • Summer & winter internship at the Zhicheng Public Interest Law Firm, Beijing;
  • Summer & winter internship at the law firm Corrs, Westgarth (Australia);
  • Summer & winter internship at the Mitry Lawyers, Melbourne;


f). Higher Education Application Support – OCS organizes various sessions throughout the year to provide guidance & training to the students interested in pursuing their higher education after graduation from Some of the sessions include:

  • Faculty and expert speakers’ sessions on planning for higher education during law schools;
  • Preparing SoPs & Scholarship applications;
  • Information sessions on jurisdiction based scholarships to the UK, the USA, Australia, and EU;
  • Choosing your referees well;

In addition to organizing the above sessions, OCS also collaborates with International Affairs Office for promoting its partner universities higher degree programs to the interested students in their final year. OCS also assists reputed foreign & Indian universities in visiting the campus for meeting with interested students and organizing information sharing programs of their higher education degree programs.


g). Public Services Career Support – As many students at JGLS aspire for careers in public service, most notably Union Public Services Commission and Judicial Services Exams, the OCS has, through external coaching providers, arranged year-long on campus. This training is only available to the senior batch students who have demonstrated interest in pursuing careers in public service through their law school.


II. Placement Program – The placements at JGLS are a by-product of various career development activities performed through the course of a law students’ time at the law school. The focused activities begin from the penultimate year for JGLS students by organizing the on-campus hiring event titled ‘Zero Day Placement Event’. This event is historically meant only for top 8 corporate law firms, some foreign law firms and a few selected corporates, who prefer to hire talented law students in advance of their graduation. The larger recruitment drive at JGLS takes place in the final year of law students when corporate, NGOs, and law firms are engaged for doing on & off campus hiring on rolling basis, through assessment internships, and direct hiring processes. Typically 40 – 50 organizations across various recruiter classes visit or engage with OCS for hiring throughout the final year of JGLS students.

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Recruiters FAQ


What programs do students pursue at Jindal Global Law School (JGLS)? Jindal Global Law School (JGLS), the flagship school of JGU, is the ranked #1 Private Law School in India. Established in 2009, JGLS, which is recognized by the Bar Council of India offers: B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) – 5 years integrated programme B.B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) – 5 years integrated programme LL.B. – 3 years Graduate programme LL.M. – 1 year Post Graduate programme

Recruiters may get involved in our Recruitment Drive in one or more of the following ways, based on their preference. On-Campus Recruitment Event: You may choose to participate in the Annual On-Campus Recruitment Event scheduled to take place in the month of February 2018. Off-Campus / Recruitment on rolling basis: You may request for student applications for potential hiring anytime during the year by providing the Career Office (OCS) your pre-defined criteria based on which OCS will screen & shortlist student profiles for your consideration. Zero Day Hiring: You may also participate in Zero Day event in which you can hire the candidates in advance (approximately 1 year before their graduation). Assessment Internship: In case the above proposed modes are not suited to your current requirements or preference, you may consider hiring students for assessment internships during summer internship (June & July) or during winter internship (December & January) whereby you can assess their candidature for possible hiring at your organization.

Jindal Global Law School organizes Annual Campus Recruitment Event in the month of February every year in which all kinds of organizations can participate and can assess students via interview. Exact dates can be checked by coordinating with OCS team. You may also contact us to get a preferred slot and plan your visit accordingly.

We understand that certain recruitment teams may not be able to visit our campus due to various reasons and keeping this in mind, we have kept an option for recruitment teams to participate in the Recruitment Event through below mentioned methods – Telephonic InterviewSkype / video conferencing interviewInterviews at your office location

For internship, our students are available for a duration of 4-6 weeks during the below mentioned period: Summer Internship – June & JulyWinter Internship – December & January

To hire our experienced students or Alumni, you may share your requirements with OCS Team and we will provide you with the list of relevant students’ profiles for your consideration.

Please click here to download the pdf file containing the list of around 400 employers who have recruited from Jindal Global Law School.

You may contact any of the OCS team members [here]