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B.A (Hons.) Legal Studies

Start Date

16 August 2021
End Date
31 July 2024
3 Years
Last Date to Apply

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

B.A (Hons.) Legal Studies

Career Opportunities

The Office of Career Services (“OCS”) supports our B.A. Legal Studies students to explore practical exposure through internships. The OCS facilitates through their existing database of recruiters and efficiently managed contacts to ensure availability of diverse internships to cater to each students’ internship requirement. Such internships are pursued by our students in a variety of organizations and institutions both within and outside the justice administration system. The internship program at JGLS is designed and administered with a vision of broadening the horizon of career opportunities that students are able to seek post completion of their legal education. It ensures that all the students are able to leverage on the internship program towards fulfilling their diverse career aspirations.  In addendum to this, there are various career development efforts led by OCS include workshops, Open houses, Seminars which are held regularly.

Collaborative Research Centres

To foster a collaborative research culture, JGLS has witnessed growth of two jointly run research centres, that work on cutting edge issues on law and policy, that fall under their domain:


Centre for India Australia Studies (CIAS)

The India-Australia relationship is growing from strength to strength, encouraged by the convergence of common interests in various areas such as education, regional security, energy and resources and international trade. Both nations have taken extraordinary steps to strengthen bilateral ties.

The Centre for India Australia Studies (CIAS) has been established to harness this momentum and drive collaboration in key areas of the relationship. The CIAS is the first and only Centre with a focus on the India-Australia bilateral relationship that is embedded in an Indian Higher Education Institution. The vision of CIAS is to emphasise the important bilateral relationship existing between India and Australia.

The CIAS has created opportunities for students and academics in India to learn about, and experience, Australia, and for Australian students and academics to learn about India

To date, the India Immersion Programme has hosted more than 100 Australian students for intensive residential programmes in India, all funded by the Australian Government’s New Colombo Plan. The students gain knowledge about Indian society, culture, foreign policy, business and law. In addition, the CIAS runs an international internship programme, providing opportunities for students in Australia and India to gain work experience in leading institutes, companies and Government bodies, in the other country. The CIAS also runs an Australia Studies programme in India, teaching Indian students about Australian society, culture, business and law.

The CIAS also catalyses academic linkages through joint conferences, joint teaching and joint publications with Australian partner universities. More than 200 distinguished Australians have visited JGU and the CIAS since its inception in 2016.


Centre for India-China Studies (CICS)

Center for India-China Studies (CICS) was established on October 1st 2014 by the Jindal Global University. CICS provides a multi-disciplinary intellectual platform for academia, practitioners and students to discuss, debate and research on economic, social and cultural facets of India and greater China. It is also committed to playing an active intellectual role on issues related to India-China collaborations at regional and international level.