Study in the region that has been a crucible of The Great Eastern Civilisation

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Study in the region that has been a crucible of The Great Eastern Civilisation.

Sonipat, now known as the Olympic Capital of India after the Tokyo Olympics; one-fourth of the Indian contingent, the highest, went from Haryana, winning 4 of the 17 medals. At least 6 members of that contingent are from Sonipat, the district with the highest number of Olympians in 2021 and a sporting record that we are proud of. Haryana’s own contribution is stellar with 31 athletes of the Olympic contingent from one small state of India.

Not just modern sporting legacy, but Haryana and Sonipat have an enigmatic history dating back to more than 4000 years ago when one of the most advanced civilisations known to humankind, Indus Valley civilisation or the Harrapan civilisation flourished. It is now regarded as the beginning of Indian civilization.

Until 2014, archaeologists had argued that Mohenjo-daro in Pakistan was the largest among the 2,000 Harappan sites known to exist. But recent discoveries at Rakhigarhi in Haryana’s Hisar district make it the largest Harrapan excavation.

Not just history, but the location of our university, Sonipat is also found in the epics. Replete with myths, legends, and Vedic references, it is believed that this region provided the backdrop to the epic of Mahabharata. Names of modern cities still carry references like Kurukshetra from the great battle of Mahabharata. Through oral history, Swarnaprastha Museum or Sonipat traces its lineage to the epic.

But the most intriguing historical fact is about where we are physically located, that is in the middle of the Jagdishpur village. The original Grand Trunk Road or the Uttar Path, one of the world’s oldest roads connecting major countries of the Indian subcontinent passed right through what is now the campus of JGU. A kos minar or milestone on the G.T. Road built during the time of Jehangir and Sher Shah Suri stands near one of our campus gates adjacent to the student housing block. This is where global trade may have started connecting people from unknown lands.

Come experience this region at O.P Jindal Global University that has been a crucible of the great Eastern civilisation, witnessing the rise and fall of empires.