Centre For Post Graduate Legal Studies

New Zealand – India Free Trade Agreement Promotion Initiative in Collaboration with the Oval Foundation, UK

CITEL in collaboration with the Oval Foundation, a non-profit think tank based in the UK, is taking the initiative to promote a New Zealand–India Free Trade Agreement (FTA) by conducting a comprehensive stakeholder consultation within India to ensure a productive bilateral dialogue in order to expedite a FTA between the two countries. The project intends to throw light on India’s trade policy stance with regards to New Zealand and ascertain the mutual economic benefits that would flow to both the countries from the completion of the FTA, given the considerable trade complementarities which exist between the two countries. The project will assess how the two countries can deepen economic cooperation in various sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure, manufacturing, construction, tourism and education. The project will determine how enhanced trade facilitation through the completion of the FTA will create mutual economic benefits for the two countries. The project intends to bring the discourse on the topic in both the public and executive domain through various stakeholder dialogues, media outreach, white papers and a final report.