Centre For Post Graduate Legal Studies

Bonded Labor: Abolition, Rehabilitation and Legal Recourse

The International Justice Mission (IJM) and the CHRS collaborated for the completion of a project initiated by IJM’s Freedom Network. The Freedom Network is an initiative to holistically fight bonded labor in India by connecting organizations across state and subject matter boundaries to create unified responses to labor trafficking. As a research partner, CHRS was assigned with the task of generating research on the following areas:

  1. Bonded/child labour research on bail rejection (Where and when have High Courts and the Supreme Court of India referred to bonded labour as a nonbailable offence or its possible conversion to one?)
  2. Law governing establishment of Special Courts in India pertaining to bonded labour and rehabilitation. Is the creation of such a court possible?
  3. Monitoring committees established by the Supreme Court in the past 20 years. Have they been successful? How were they structured? Did any of them serve as an external council or were most formed as internal authorities?
  4. Possible existence of a 3-year police transfer requirement for officers, even if they are in specialized cells, and the rate of enforcement of such a requirement
  5. Effectiveness of Supreme Courtmandated police reforms.