Hear Me Too.

They say black lives matter but do they really care?

Where is this concern when we’re butchered on temple stairs?

For being who we are by the police we are battered,

Two faced society, Have Dalit Lives never mattered?

When it comes to us, they all seem blind.

Such is the functioning of the upper caste mind.

Hypocritical it seems that they say “caste no bar”,

but those same ones call us Shudra and chamar.

Untouchable they call us but it is actually they,

Unachievable is their standing, try how hard we may.

In this world obsessed with fairness creams,

Suppressed and unheard remain our screams.

Our plight in the country they do not see,

They respond to issues but selectively.

HearUsToo should be the new hashtag,

With caste killings and prejudice our country will lag.

To hear us and take action is now your choice,

 I beg and I plead, don’t drown our voice.

-Tanvi Tewari, B.A.LLB 2017

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