JGLS alum Manasi Chaudhari’s start-up, Pink Legal brings legal awareness to women across India

“Gender inequality affects all of us, in a small or big way, every day, starting from our own homes. One of the ways we can combat this is by using our legal knowledge and position to bring a positive change in society,” believes Manasi Chaudhari.

The Jindal Global Law School alum graduated at the top of her class in 2016 with a bronze medal, and has been zealously working for gender equality ever since. Manasi practiced litigation in the Hyderabad High Court and even assisted Hon’ble Justice D.Y. Chandrachud in theSupreme Court, on research and writing for the landmark cases of Section 377, Sabrimala temple, and decriminalisation of adultery.

From an early age, Manasi grew to recognise gender issues in the world around her. Law school became a way for her to explore this interest in different ways. Manasi recalls the kind of exposure gained from the global learning atmosphere, her research work with the Centre for Health, Law, Ethics and Technology, inspiring mentors and “out-of-the-box education” at O.P. Jindal Global University as critical pillars that have shaped her into the person she is today.

The young change-maker was determined to challenge the status-quo.

“For example, in high school, I would question why the head boy walks in front of the head girl. When I joined JGLS, I was mentored by excellent professors such as Dipika Jain and Lakshmi Arya who further fuelled my passion for gender rights, and helped me unlearn many patriarchal notions that I had been conditioned into. From there, it has only grown, and finally led to me founding Pink Legal,” says the B.A. LL.B. graduate proudly.

India’s first-ever and only website dedicated to women’s rights and women’s laws, Pink Legal seeks to bridge the gap between the law and common people.

“As a law student, I observed that though laws are for common people, most people don’t know the law! I always wanted to do something to bring law closer to people,” says Manasi.

On Pink Legal, women can understand all their legal rights. The informative and user-friendly platform helps build awareness about issues ranging from sexual harassment, marriage/divorce, domestic violence, sexual harassment at the workplace, cyber bullying, abortion, how to file a police complaint, etc.

Pink Legal was launched earlier this year on 8th March—International Women’s Day! The JGLS alum’s empowering venture has been receiving great response from women all over India.

Manasi’s journey is an inspiration for young people to rise up to the challenges of today and make a difference. The young entrepreneur leads the way for aspiring lawyers, saying, “I don’t believe law is reason free from passion. In fact, I feel you should study law only if you feel passionately about it, for it is a very consuming and demanding career. It will take a lot from you, but also reward you equally!”

Clearly, Manasi’s passion for law has transformed into a powerful force for women across the country!

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