If Maggi Could Speak – By Hedwig

This is the fourth poem in a series of poems that explore what the commonplace objects in a student’s life would say if they underwent an Enid Blyton-esque change overnight, and could speak. This has been written in the form of a Sonnet (sort of).

If the Maggi we buy at the grocery store

Could speak to us in our tongue,

We would hear the tales of munchies and more –

It would have to develop some lungs;

We would be regaled by alimentary folklore

While microwaving our midnight snack,

About how torn packets lay galore

And Maggi was eaten raw (Life Hack);

I can almost hear the tinge of pride

With which it would talk about

Surfing the tumultuous noodle tides,

Cruising beside Ramen, charting new-routes;

It’s made a comeback, that’s for sure,

Whether Oats, Atta, or Extra Masala – You can’t resist the lure.

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