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Jindal Research Facilitation Programme (JRFP)

Jindal Research Facilitation Programme (JRFP)

The Jindal Research Facilitation Programme (JRFP) is an initiative conceived by the Office of Dean of Research (ODR) at O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) to foster a culture of research at the foundational level.

The programme aims to facilitate faculty and fellows in pursuing their academic research interests and provide a clear path from conceptualization to final publication in listed peer-reviewed academic journals. By offering step-by-step guidance and support, JRFP equips researchers, especially those aiming for their first peer-reviewed publication, with the necessary tools and resources for successful research outcomes.

Cultivating a Research Ecosystem

The JRFP recognizes the importance of establishing a vibrant research culture within JGU. It encourages faculty and fellows across all schools to engage in rigorous research activities and promotes a collaborative environment that fosters innovation and academic excellence. By providing the necessary support, the programme seeks to inspire researchers to embark on their scholarly journey and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in their respective fields.

Pathway to Publication: The JRFP spans a duration of six months and offers a structured pathway for researchers to navigate the complex process of academic publication. It assists participants, particularly those working towards their first peer-reviewed publication, in understanding the key steps involved in the publication journey. 

Workshops and Milestones: To ensure participants receive comprehensive guidance, the JRFP organizes periodic workshops on fundamental aspects of research, writing, and publication. These workshops cover topics such as research methodology, literature review, data analysis, and academic writing conventions. By actively participating in these workshops, researchers acquire essential skills and knowledge necessary for producing high-quality research outputs. 


Empowering Academic Research at JGU

The Jindal Research Facilitation Programme (JRFP) stands as a testament to JGU's commitment to nurturing a culture of research and academic excellence. Through its structured framework, mentorship opportunities, and comprehensive workshops, the programme empowers faculty and fellows to pursue their research interests and realize their goal of publishing in renowned peer-reviewed academic journals. By providing a clear pathway from conceptualization to publication, JRFP ensures that the scholarly contributions of JGU researchers reach the wider academic community, enriching the global knowledge landscape.