Moot Court Society

JGLS has a vibrant and active mooting culture. The Moot Court Society (MCS) is a student led initiative, which works hand in hand with the administration for planning, training and executing its activities. The MCS hopes to create a strong tradition of successful mooting for years to come for the students.

The MCS has an intake of 200-250 students through two induction processes: Spring and Fall every year. These students represent the University in national and international moot court competitions where students get a chance to learn new subjects, polish their advocacy skills, build networks, and make friends. 

The MCS, under the aegis of Faculty Directors and the MCS Board, has organised several prestigious moots, including the JIRICO Law and Technology Moot from 2016, the Indian Vis Pre-Moot from 2016 and the India rounds of the Stetson Moot 2018. In February 2020, JGU also hosted the 24th Annual Stetson International Environmental Moot Court Competition (India Rounds) on its campus.

March 2020

  • The JGLS Vis Team comprising of Aviva Jogani, Rishav Sen, Naman Golecha, Madhur Arora, Shreya Jain and Preetish Agarwal received Honourable Mention for the Claimant’s Memo in the 17th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot (East).

February 2020

  • The team comprising Abhijeet Srivastava, Rudraksh Lakra, Faizan Ahmed, Rahul Jain and Sankalp Sharma qualified for World Rounds of the Phillip C. Jessup International Moot Court Competition. In addition, Abhijeet Shrivastava was declared the 2nd Best Speaker at the India Rounds.

  • The team comprising Ishani Mookerjee, Ganesh Bhaskar Lata, and Divya Rau qualified for the Semi-Finals of the M. Harish Memorial Government Law College Mumbai International Moot. In addition, Ishani Mookherjee won the Best Speaker Award.

  • The team comprising Gayatri Puthran, Nikita Jain, Rohan Nandy and Utkarsh Aditya emerged as Runners Up at the Ian Fletcher International Insolvency Law Moot Competition 2020.

  • The team comprising Abhikaran Deo Agrawal, Kyra D. Cunha and Shreyas Maheshwari broke to the Quarter Finals of the India Qualifier Rounds of the 24th Stetson International Environment Law Moot. They will be representing India in the International Rounds of the moot. In addition, Kyra D. Cunha was declared as the Joint 3rd Best Speaker at the Indian National Rounds.

  • The team comprising Joseph Kurian, Armaan Nayar and Krutumana Pisipati was declared Runners Up at the Vox Anatolis NLUJAA Moot Court Competition 2020.
  • The team comprising Tanya Manglik, Seerat Bhutani and Shreya Bansal finished as Octa-Finalists of the NLUJ Anti-Trust Moot Court Competition. Additionally, their memorial was among the top 10 memorials at the competition.

January 2020

  • The team comprising Abhijay Srekanth, Paushi Sridhar and Jayant Sood qualified for the World Rounds of the 18th Annual Oxford International Intellectual Property Law Moot.


  • World Finalist-(2nd out of 130+ teams) and Honourable Mention (Oralist) for Sixteenth Willem C. Vis East International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Hong Kong, April 2019
  • Winners and Best Male Advocate Award at the 4th VITSOL Moot, March 2019
  • Winners and Best Mooter Award at the 4th RBUSL National Moot Court Competition, April 2019
  • Winners and Best Speaker at the B.R. Ambedkar National Moot Court Competition, August 2019
  • Winners and Best Speaker at GNLU Securities Moot, September 2019
  • Winners and Best Speaker at the 3rd Insolvency and Bankruptcy Moot Court Competition, November 2019 [NLU-D]
  • Finalists at the 9th Indian Vis Pre-Moot, February 2019
  • Finalists and Best Mooter Award at the 3rd MM National Moot Court Competition, October 2019
  • Semi-Finalists and Best Speaker at the International Moot Court Competition- LPU, August 2019
  • Semi-Finalists at the NLIU Corporate Law Moot, December 2019
  • Second Runners Up at the 7th KIIT National Moot Court Competition, September 2019
  • Semi Finalists and Best Memorial at the 2nd Noida International University Moot Court Competition, September 2019
  • Quarter-Finalists at the World Rounds and Best Memorial at the HSF Competition Law Moot, Kings College London, June 2019
  • World Quarter-Finalists of Ian Fletcher Insolvency, Singapore, March 2019
  • Quarter Finalists and Second Best Speaker Award at the DM Harish Memorial Government Law College, February 2019
  • Octo-Finalists of 3rd AIAC-ICC Vis Pre-Moot, Malaysia, March 2019
  • World Ranked 12th (of out 188 teams) at the Nelson Mandela Human Rights Moot, Geneva, July 2019
  • Qualified for the World Rounds of FDI Moot 2019
  • Third and Fourth Best Speakers at the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition, January 2019 – India Rounds


  • Winners of the GAI Anti-Trust Invitational Moot, Washington D.C., 2018


  • 1st Runners Up of 24th Willem C. Vis International Commercial Arbitration Moot, Vienna 2017 (Runners up out of 330 Teams).
  • Semi Finalists and Best Speaker of the Competition at the 3rd GNLU Securities Moot, September 2017
  • Semi Finalists at the DME National Moot, 2017
  • Quarter Finalists at the 33rd Bar Council of India Trust Moot Court Competition 2017
  • Octa Finalists and 3rd Best Speakers at the 14th Willem C. Vis Moot (East), Hong Kong, 2017
  • Octa Finalists at the Frankfurt Investment Arbitration Moot, 2017


  • Quarter Finalists of the GLC 17th all India Moot Court Competition, Ernakulam, 2016
  • Quarter Finalists of the 15th Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition, 2016
  • Quarter Finalists of the Oxford Price Media Moot Court Competition 2016 (South Asia Rounds)


  • Winners of the Phillip C. Jessup, India Rounds, 2015
  • Winners of the RMNLU Moot Court Competition, 2015
  • Winners of the NUALS Kochi Maritime Moot Court Competition, 2015
  • Winners of the Paras Diwan Energy Law Moot Court Competition, UPES, 2015
  • Winners of the NLS Trilegal Moot Court Competition, 2015
  • Finalists of the DSNLU Moot Court Competition, 2015
  • Semi-Finalists of the AIL Mohali Criminal Law Moot, 2015
  • Semi-Finalists of the NLU Jodhpur Anti-Trust Moot, 2015
  • Semi-Finalists of the 6th SLCU Moot Court Competition, 2015
  • Quarter Finalists of the ULC Bangalore Moot Court Competition, 2015


  • Winners of the Oxford Price Media Moot (International Rounds).
  • Winners of the Oxford Price Media Moot (South Asia Rounds).
  • Winners of the 7th NLS International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition
  • Best Speaker Award at the 7th NLS International Commercial Arbitration Moot Court Competition
  • Winners of the 4th K. R. Ramamani Memorial Taxation Moot Court Competition, organized by SOEL, Dr. Ambedkar College, Chennai.
  • Best Memorial Award in the 4th K. R. Ramamani Memorial Taxation Moot Court Competition, organized by SOEL, Dr. Ambedkar College, Chennai.
  • Quarter Finalists of the Oxford Price Media Moot Court Competition, South Asia Rounds, 2014

2012 – 2013

  • Winners of 2012 ELSA World Trade Law Moot (Asia-Pacific Rounds)
  • Winners of 2013 Nani Palkhivala Tax Law Moot

2010 – 2011

  • Best Advocate Award at the 2011 Henry Dunant Memorial Moot Court Competition

“The Willem C. Vis moot happened by accident for me. It was probably the most fortuitous set of circumstances that I’ve ever been fortunate enough to experience. The team, Anubhav, Amartya, Ananyaa, Vasudhaa and Harsha, were put together because I didn’t do Jessup and because other people decided to forgo the opportunity to take Vis. But this was the best team and best group of people that I could have possibly worked with. It showed me, on top of all the success that we experienced at Vis, that what really matters are the bonds you forge along the way with the people you do the moot with. Everybody in that team had their role to play, not just as mooters but as support systems for each other. 

Apart from that, Vis itself is the best organized moot I have ever been to. The rounds, the judging, the efficiency with which the results were announced was impeccable. The gigantic community of Vis mooters across the world basically make this a huge sorority event where everyone has so much in common and so much to talk about to each other. Nobody pegged us to do well at the beginning. The entire journey and all the twists and turns it took, with our performance at the premoot and then at Vienna itself, goes to show that the best things happen often when you least expect it.”
Sayantan Chanda, BA LLB 2014 

“I participated in the HSF-KCL Competition law Moot Court Competition, held in King’s College, London. I received an honourable mention for oral pleadings. Our team was awarded the HSF Legal Scholarship for the Best Memorial in Written pleadings. In addition, our team advanced to the quarter-finals, with the third highest score in the preliminary rounds.

The Moot afforded us the exquisite opportunity to rigorously research Competition law and present arguments before practitioners and academics from across Europe. It was an extraordinary learning experience, which helped me grow and engage with law and policy. We couldn’t have done it without the support of Professor Shilpi Bhattacharya and Professor Kritihika Ashok, as well as the MCS Faculty Directors Professor Tanvee Nandan, and Professor Sannoy Das.”
Tanmayi Sharma, BA LLB 2015

 “I participated in the Willem C. Vis (East) International Commercial Arbitration Moot, 2019 organized by the Vis Moot Foundation. The oral rounds were conducted at the well renowned City University in Hong Kong. The moot problem revolved around two fast growing aspects of contemporary commercial disputes – arbitration law, primarily the UNCITRAL Model Law and contract law, the UN Convention on International Sale of Goods. Our 3-member team with no prior mooting experience finished as the Runners-Up of the tournament, losing out narrowly to the University of Amsterdam in the final. I was also awarded an honourable mention for Best Oralist. Participating in the Vis Moot has inspired me to explore the field of commercial arbitration and has provided me access to a network of skilled and talented lawyers across the world, making it an experience I will never forget.”
Sudarshan Srikanth BAA LLB 2016


“I had participated in the Global Antitrust Institute (GAI) Invitational Moot, 2018 organised by GAI in collaboration with the George Mason University, and held in Washington D.C. The moot proposition primarily concerned antitrust laws and competition law issues vis-a-vis standard essential patents (SEPs). Our 3-member team, with fairly limited mooting experience at the time, beat the University of Florida in an enthralling final round to achieve the ‘Top Team Award’. This experience, which greatly tested our intellect and nerves, definitely ranks atop my list of law school experiences, and it has instilled in me a love for mooting which shall always persist.”
Angad Singh Makkar, BA LLB 2015

“DM Harish was one of the most rewarding and grueling experiences of my life. The moot is based on Public International Law and entails a packed 6 month schedule, from qualifying memorial rounds to arguing at Government Law College, Mumbai. Working on the moot granted me a deeper understanding and appreciation of International Law and Humanitarian Law. Arguing before eminent lawyers and professors in Mumbai honed my advocacy skills as I was given valuable feedback. My teammate was further awarded the 2nd best speaker of the moot. It was definitely one of the best experiences I had in Law School which had a positive impact on my research, drafting and advocacy skills.”
Amritesh Mohanty, BA LLB 2016


I along with my team represented our College at 4th RBUSL National Moot Court Competition, 2019 organized by University School of Law, Rayat Bahra University, Mohali, Punjab. The Moot proposition pertained to Hindu Law, however, with the close reading of it one had to study the provisions of Code of Civil procedure, Limitation Act, Family Courts Act, and Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. This was burdensome as I was not acquainted with most of the subjects and apprehensions about the Competition was there from day one. To this, the faculty came to my rescue by helping me understand the law as this had a huge role to play the way I did my research. We had 3 weeks to do our research and draft our memorials and meanwhile, the academic burden started flooding in. It was very challenging but nevertheless, wasn’t impossible. I believe these 3 weeks taught me as to how to keep your priorities straight and what future in the Law School be like.

The night before the Competition as I was preparing for my oral rounds, I felt the only thing worth doing is to trust in your research and focus on how to deliver it. Our team made it to Finals after competing against leading Law Schools in India. Our team was Runner- up and I was awarded Best Mooter. This achievement will remain always valuable and incomparable to anything and will be the highlight of my first year in Law School.”
Preeti Maheshwari, LLB 2018