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LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law (Blended Learning Programme)

Why pursue an LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law (Blended Learning Programme)?

The advent of the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and the evolution of artificial narrow intelligence has changed the realm of intellectual property in the last two decades. Knowledge-based economies driven by information have transcended tangible and conventional boundaries of property. Since such technological growth holds the key to the future, it is imperative that a dynamic legal framework for its regulation be developed and that legal professionals, trained to address novel and complex IP issues, be at the helm of affairs.

This LL.M. programme has been designed to provide such training through a focus on multidimensional aspects of IP law, policy, and enforcement.  The course will also cover interdisciplinary perspectives in the context of data protection and investment law, for a holistic approach to the study and practice of IP and technology laws.

What makes our LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law (Blended Learning Programme) special?

  • The rich industry, academic and research experience of JGLS faculty members will provide students in the program with strong foundations in IP law and critical reasoning skills.
  • The focus of the programme will be on the changing dimensions of technology and its regulations.
  • The program will examine the interplay between IP and new technologies, to allow legal practitioners to comprehend the nuances of the Indian IP regime within the global context.
  • Each course has been curated to equip legal professionals with the appropriate tools for creating, managing, and enforcing IP strategies in domestic and international matters.

What will you Study?

LL.M. in Intellectual Property & Technology Law (Blended Learning Programme) is a 24 credits programme including three core courses (3 credits each), six specialized courses (2 credits each) and a dissertation (3 credits).


1. Core/Compulsory Courses: 

  • Legal Research Methodology
  • Law and Justice in a Globalizing World
  • Comparative Public Law

2. Specialized Courses: 

  • Advanced IPR and IT Law
  • Intellectual Property and New Technology, AI
  • Music and Copyrights
  • International Investment Law and Intellectual Property
  • TRIPS and Public Health
  • GDPR: A European Example of Data Protection Law

3. Dissertation 

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