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About CICS

Center for India-China studies (CICS) was founded in October 2014 when Professor Wenjuan Zhang, the first Chinese citizen joined the JGU as a full-time faculty. CICS is so far the only Indian think-tank on Chinese Studies led by a Chinese which gives it a unique role and competitive advantage in bridging the two countries. The CICS at five has become the most Indian vibrant intellectual bridge in bridging the two biggest developing countries. In October 2019, CICS is going to celebrate her fifth anniversary. Various events including talks, forums, art exhibition are being planned.

Unlike many other governmental think-tanks focusing on security, border or diplomacy issues, CICS has tried to develop a civil-society based multi-disciplinary platform with participation of multi-stakeholders including academia, business practitioners, policymaker, NGO leaders and etc. from both countries.


1. Expanding Partnership with Chinese Universities (积极拓展与中国大学的合作)
CICS has helped the JGU sign MoUs with more than 16 prestigious Chinese Universities and institutes, including China University of Political Science and Law, Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Beijing Foreign Studies University and Yunnan etc.. In the last two years, two way academic exchanges have been vibrantly conducted involving more than 200 students and faculty. It has received more than 10 Presidents or Vice-Presidents from Chinese top Universities to visit JGU.

2. Build Multi-Disciplinary Academic Platforms to Promote India-China Intellectual Engagement (建立跨学科学术平台来促进中印智慧分享)
CICS has committed to creating regular intellectual platforms with Chinese top universities for multi-disciplinary and across-sector discussion, such as the SMU-Renmin-JGU Forum on Economic Development, National Innovation and IP Law in India and China; CASS-JGU Forum on Social Development in India and China, JGU-PKU Seminar on Governance, Norms-Setting and Compliance across Cultures, and China-India Media Forum etc.. It has also brought more than 100 well-known scholars on Chinese studies or Indian studies to JGU campus for the well-established platform of India-China Lunch Talks or India-China Seminars or India-China Forums. Half of the scholars are from China.

3. Engaging Young Talents of Both Countries to Re-imagine the Shared Future (创造机会让两国年轻人共想未来)
About 50 JGU students have been on semester exchange with Chinese top universities and more than 20 JGU law school students have interned with the Zhicheng Public Interest Lawyers in Beijing. More than 20 JGU students have visited China for summer program, Asia-Africa Youth Festival and One-Belt-One-Road Law School Students Forum. Also more and more Chinese students are coming to JGU for exchange. For example, in 2018, there were more than 100 Chinese students visited and studied at the JGU for either short immersion program, or for semester based study or for degree study.

4. Dynamic Across- Sector Engagement (跨部门活跃互动)
CICS has closely worked with business sector, policymakers and NGOs. Yang Guoqiang, President of Country Garden, and HU Beihai, Head for Indian Operation, Bank of China and other representatives of Chinese companies have visited JGU campus for seeking potential collaborations. CICS has invited several Indian senior policymakers such as Mr. Shivshankar Menon, former national security advisor of India, and Mr. Suresh Prabhu, former Rail Minister and current Union Minister of Commerce and Industry to join its talks, seminars or conferences. JGU has actively interacted with civil society organizations in China too. CICS has got high recognition from various Indian and Chinese authorities, including Chinese Embassy in India for its special role in connecting the both civilizations.

5. Research Strength on Law and Governance (法治领域有研究优势)
CICS has a strong research strength in comparative studies of law and governance in India and China which is the weakest part of current India-China comparative studies. For example, founding Director Prof. Wenjuan Zhang has published several journal articles and essays on comparative constitutional governance or NGO development in both countries which help foster immerging research interest on law and governance toward each other. CICS is going to support JGU to organize the All India conference of China studies, a flagship program of the Institute of Chinese studies on the theme of “ Law, Governance and Society” in November 2019.