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India China Lunch Talk

The CICS has invited known scholars, policy-makers and practitioners to JGU campus to engage in meaningful discussion on issues of concerns in both countries.

    • 37th India China Lunch talk, on Anti-trafficking in India and China by Mr. Jeffrey Pankatz on 14th February, 2020[read more]

    • Valedictory delivered by Amb Nalin Surie at the 12th AICCS on 10 November 2019 [read more]

    • 36th India China Lunch talk, on The Beauty of Chinese Characters by Ms. NIE Hui on 22nd October, 2019 [read more]

    • Talk on How China and India Govern their Cities? By Xuefei Ren on 18th September,2019 [read more]

    • Talk on Setting BRI in India-China Relations: Challenges and Opportunities by Dr. Lu Yan on 3rd September, 2019 [read more]

    • Talk on The Observation of Chinese Residents in Delhi over Half an Century by Mr. George Chiu on 13th August, 2019 [read more]

    • India-China Talk co-organized with JSIA speaker, Us-China Trade/Technology War by Prof. Chen, Dingding on 9th August, 2019 [read more]

    • Talk on Reforming and Regulating Legal Education in Greater China Region in an Age of Globalization: A Comparative Study of Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan by Prof. Dr. Richard Wu on 1st August, 2019 [read more]

    • Talk on A Chinese's Perspective of Doing Business in India by Mr. Guorun Zhao(Kevin)on 26th April, 2019 [read more]

    • Talk on Dressing-up the dragon? Chinese media as 'Soft Power' by Professor Daya K. Thussu on 27th February 2019 [read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on “The China-US Trade War” by students on 1st May, 2018 [read more]

    • Talk on Comparative Study of Judicial Reform in India & China by Dr. Zhou Xiaoming, on April 3rd 2018 [read more]

    • Talk on the Role of States and Provinces in India and China by Professor Tridivesh Singh Maini, on 20th March 2018 [read more]

    • Talk on China's Overseas Development Finance Policies - The Role of Civil Society Groups by Ms.Oma Lee on 5th October 2018 [read more]

    • Talk on The Inevitability of India-China Economic Partnership by Prof. Mohammed Saqib on 28th August 2018 [read more]

    • Talk on A Chinese Scholar's Observation of Indian Industrialization Path by Mr. Keji Mao on Monday, 13 August 2018 [read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "Ethnic relations in the Late Qing and the 111 Revolution" by Dr. GAO Cuilian on 26th October,2017[read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "China’s Global re-balancing and India’s options?" by Prof B. R. Deepak on 12th October,2017 [read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on Student Experiences in China by our students Arusha Chaudhary, Kartikeya Divedi, Rupakshi Chaudhary & Abhishek Ghosh on 14th September,2017 [read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "Chinese Diplomatic System: Structure, Methods, Capacity" by Ambassador Kishan Rana on 28th September,2017 [read more]

    • Talk on the topic of Confucianism, Socialism and Liberalism: Political Thoughts on Chinese Modernization by Prof. Roger T. Ames, Prof. LI Chenyang & Prof. Tom Lairson on 22nd August 2017[read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "political thoughts of Chinese modernization" by Prof. Chenyang Li, Prof.Roger T. Ames,prof. Tom Lairson on 3rd August,2017[read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "Challenges and Development of One-belt One-road Initiative" by Minister Liu Jinsong on 11th April,2017 [read more]

    • India-China Lunch Talk by Mr. Shivshankar Menon, 28th March 2017 [read more [Chinese Version Available here]

    • India China Lunch talk on "Environmental Documentary Filming in China: First-hand experience by our brilliant students,4th October,2016[read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "Confucius, Gandhi and Modern Psychology" by Mr. Ravi Bhoothalingam on 6th September, 2016 [read more]

    • India China Lunch talk on "How and Why Did China Grow So Fast?" by Professor (Dr.) Thomas D. Lairson on 20th September 2016[read more]

    • Public talk on the topic of Emerging Opportunities for Legal Service Market in India and China by Mr. Liu Yixing, Senior Partner of Dentons Shanghai Law Firm, March 2016.

    • Distinguished public talk Mr. Liu Jinsong Charge De’ affaires of China on the topic of Prospect and Opportunity of Developing India-China Relations on April 2016.

    • Talk and film screening on the Guli’s Children by Dr. Joe Thomas Karackattu is an Assistant Professor at the Humanities and Social Sciences Department, Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras in May 2016.

    • Public talk on the topic of Public Interest Lawyering in China and Internship Opportunities in October 2015.

    • Public talk on the Death Penalty in India and China by Prof. Jiang Su of Peking University of Law School and Prof. Anup Surendranath in February 2015.