“JGU helped me build a deep interest in nature and the environment and a zeal to do something for the planet,” shares Charvi Rawat, Student, JSLH

Almost as soon as Charvi heard that the college campus is reopening in March 2022, she started packing bags, looking forward to in-person classes with professors and giving direction to her fieldwork. A soon-to-be graduate in B.A. (Hons.) Liberal Arts & Humanities (BALH) from the Jindal School of Liberal Arts & Humanities (JSLH), Charvi Rawat loves and lives to discover new places.

A native of Jaipur city, Charvi will soon be graduating and is known for her interest in Human-Wildlife Interaction. Belonging to 2019-2022 batch, most of Charvi’s college life went online but she has no regrets about that, “I did not get to spend much time on the JGU campus because of the pandemic but, the environment is very vibrant, adding to which are the faculty members who support their students at every step of their college life. JSLH faculty members have been very understanding, inspiring, and motivating – which makes them the best to work under and learn from.”

While Charvi majored in Environmental Studies, she believes that there is no ‘Planet B’ and all of us need to work together to protect it. “I love to spend time in nature, being out there, exploring new spheres of life. With a deep interest in nature and the environment and a zeal to do something for the planet, I applied for admissions at JSLH,” shares Charvi while talking about why she chose JSLH for her undergraduate education.

Charvi saw the COVID19 pandemic as a chance to focus more on her interests. As the classes went online, JSLH offered its students an opportunity to write a graduation thesis paper. “Writing my thesis became the most impactful experience for me as it was full of explorations and adventures. I did fieldwork, interacted with locals, environmentalists, wildlife experts, and enthusiasts, and gained deep perspectives on human-wildlife interactions,” shares Charvi as she shows her thesis, titled ‘An analysis of Human-Wildlife interaction in the Leopard Forests of Jaipur’.

“Most people do not get the opportunity to carry out fieldwork in an under-graduation programme. Spending time in the forests and interacting with multiple communities has been a profound experience. I learned about how every person has his own different story to share, the problems faced by other people of which we have been unaware of and, different living conditions which taught me a lot about life. Writing the thesis also gave me an insight into leopard behavior, its nature, its food patterns, identifying pugmarks etc. Above all, I would say being in the jungles is like meditation as you connect to your deepest core,” says Charvi while talking about her field experience.

Taking her interests to new heights, Charvi will soon begin her training period with Taj Safaris as a Naturalist. A true #environmentalist at heart, Charvi believes that little steps, innovation and awareness can change the world.

We wish her success for her future endeavors!

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