Studying business analytics and its scope in this ever-changing world

In today’s world of competitive business, no matter how small or big, firms use analytics to decipher how data or insights can be utilised to find solutions and surge performance and revenue rates. Business analytics allows precisely measuring capable aspects of operations. Apart from that, data analytics can help a company with everything from tailoring a marketing pitch for a customer to understanding and identifying risks to its business. The benefits of business analytics could be advanced marketing, new revenue possibilities, consumer personalisation and revamped operational efficiency. With a productive strategy, these benefits can offer an edge over rivals. One of the key advantages of the discipline is that it applies to all industries, including financial services and insurance, manufacturing, transportation, travel, energy, and healthcare.

Business analytics has been a successful tool for several companies to navigate difficult times, especially during the Coronavirus pandemic. According to a survey conducted by a business intelligence organisation, Sisense, 50% of the companies claimed using analytics “more often” or “much more often” during the pandemic. The survey also said that analytics was even more prominent among smaller firms across the globe. As a result, analytics experts are in huge demand in today’s job market to extract impactful insights that deliver strategic business decisions to businesspersons or organisations.

But do we have enough credible universities that offer courses in business analytics? There are a few which can be trusted. Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) is one of India’s top-ranking private business schools known for premier education in business management – that offers a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in business analytics. BBA in business analytics subjects includes organisational behaviour, operations management, business communication, business analytics, marketing management, business intelligence, HR management, data visualisation, finance management, and programming for analytics. In addition, the School offers multiple things to students to excel in the outside world. This includes global faculty, interdisciplinary syllabus, experiential learning, and industry connect. 

What makes JGU India’s leading B-School 

 Jindal Global Business School offers innumerable scholarships on a merit basis to pupils applying through their Class 12th results. However, these scholarships are limited and given only on the first-cum-first-serve basis. Yes, there is room for every and all the students at JGU. JGBS has collaborations with outstanding educational institutions globally – the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Germany, France, Singapore – for student mobility. Students can also add to their global credentials by learning a foreign language here.

JGBS has also partnered with the Deakin University of Australia for this BBA in business analytics programme. Under this collaboration, students will have the option to pursue their 3rd and 4th year of studies in Deakin after completing the first two years’ of study in JGBS. 

Besides the three-year undergraduate course, the B-School offers several programmes – postgraduate, Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), others – to students interested in higher studies to analyse business analytics discipline. 

What is the career scope after doing BBA in business analytics? 

Whether you find a profession in business analytics or not, it will traverse paths with you wherever you go. All sectors, be it pharmaceutical, construction, manufacturing, election campaigns, travel & logistics, finance, retail, banking, telecom, aviation, healthcare, etc., will require a thorough study of a data analyst to give the client what he/she needs and gratify their needs. Therefore, there are significant and worthwhile professional options for students. Students who complete BBA in business analytics from Jindal Global Business School can apply for jobs like Data Scientist, Quantitative Analyst/Modeller, Retail Sales Analyst, Big Data Analyst, Data Business Analyst, Project Manager, Data Mining Manager, Business Analyst Manager or Consultant, Financial/Marketing Analyst, to name a few.

JGU’s virtual MBA is for working professionals others to excel in business analytics

Looking at the demand of growing business analytics in today’s data-driven world, Jindal Global Business School unveiled a virtual Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme in business analytics for working professionals and students who wish to understand the deeper roots of the subject. 

Under the 2-year programme, students will learn numerous skills and strategies to dispatch critical business solutions using accurate data. By entwining analytical and managerial excellence, students will be succeeded as data-driven business leaders in the new business world.

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