JSLH alumna Akanksha Thirani’s first book, ‘Forever, Like the Stars’, is a labour of love

‘Forever, Like the Stars’, a collection of over 300 micro-poems and quotes, is Akanksha Thirani’s first book. An amalgamation of feelings and experiences of falling in love, heartbreak, longing, courage, power, self-love, growth, and the many aspects of life, this book is a magical adventure.

The talented young poet is a recent graduate of the Jindal School of Liberal Arts and Humanities—and we couldn’t be more proud of our rising star!

From writing and editing to layout design and compiling, Akanksha did it all. She wanted her poetry book to be full of illustrations and was determined to collaborate with only the best artists from all over the world. After weeks of editing, long sleepless nights of communications with six artists from the USA, Philippines, Turkey, Taiwan, Brazil, and Serbia, and a lot of learning—Akanksha finally had her manuscript ready. The beautiful illustrations blend magically with the words woven by Akanksha.

The book is indeed a labour of love. Akanksha fondly recalls, “A big chunk of poems were written during my time at JGU. This book was inspired not only by the beautiful people I met at JGU but also by the star-studded nights that fill campus skies, the breath-taking sunsets that Sonipat skies offer, the blood-red moons that often appear for those looking up above, and the refreshing rainfall and winds that dance across campus fields.

I am grateful I found a part of myself in JGU and I know now that JGU will always be a big part of me. I thank this space and all the people who are a part of it for inspiring me to write and publish my very first book. I strongly believe that I am all the moments I have experienced with all the people I have met in my life. And, I am most thankful to JGU for giving me absolute life-changing experiences, opportunities, and people who inspire me to reach for the stars every single day.”

The creative youngster began her journey at JGU with a merit-based scholarship and graduated with a Silver Medal. Ever the exemplary student, Akanksha also immersed herself in campus life, as a Peer Tutor, a member of JGU’s Dance Society and as part of Organising Committees of JGU’s annual festivals—Biswamil and Magnus. The recipient of the Best All-Rounder Award in 2017 was selected for a Semester Exchange Programme at Trinity College Dublin in her final year. She was also placed on the Dean’s List in 2018. 

After graduating from JGU in the Class of 2019, Akanksha worked at the India Today Group where her articles were published in various magazines. She also worked as a Creative Writer at a career counselling firm for a few months. However, Akanksha learnt very early in her career that her job should be the one that excites her and that she should be passionate about it. It is then that Akanksha decided to quit her job and take on the adventure of following her dreams.

From her job of managerial work lasting 9 hours a day and 6 days a week, Akanksha went to creating new content, engaging with artists from around the world, growing her Instagram readership, negotiating with publishing houses, learning about marketing, and building self-discipline.

The positive response that she received on her Instagram poetry page inspired Akanksha to write her first book. And, it undoubtedly was a dream come true for her to showcase a paperback copy of her very first published collection of poems in October 2020.

To know more, visit: https://linktr.ee/akankshathirani 

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