To an Introvert Going to College, From an Introvert in One – by Hedwig

A year ago, I was faced with the terrifying possibility of moving to a University so far away from home and comfort and round-the-clock nachos – an opportunity that I was desperate to accept but also regard with suspicion because, you see, I’m not a person of the outernet. It was a chance I had to take without knowing what exactly the consequences would be.

But I took it anyway.

And, I realized, that it is indeed true what Mikhail Bulgakov said – “Everything will turn out right, the world is built on that.”

And you can still get round-the-clock nachos.

At the gates that stood

Powerful and looming

I waited,


The roar of the sea of activity

An (un)welcome reminder

Of the life

Lying in wait.

Ushering in

The excitement

I ran inside

Trying to be different

From myself –


“How are you”,

“I’m –“

You stop short.

“I’m not an extrovert”.

The new is terrifying,

And even more so

When every time you think of it

Your nerves


Like never before;

Tell yourself

That it’s okay for them

To behave as if

The wind was picking them


Tell yourself that

It’s valid

For you to be out all day

And to sit


Between one thought and next,


You’re in over your head,

And still



You do not have to

Spend all your time

Being one

Or the


Tell yourself

That you’re not at fault

For not being able to thrive

The way

Others do –

Tell yourself

You don’t have to imagine

Those who do

To be fanged vampires

Who have risen from the dead

Only to leave you tired.

Tell yourself

That it is

And always will be


For you to be you


As Vonnegut said,

“There’s only one rule I know of –

You’ve got to be kind.

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