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The Versatility and Value of an Undergraduate English Degree

Why Study English ?

The Versatility and Value of an Undergraduate English Degree

Language and literature graduates are sought for many kinds of jobs in which clear communication and effective articulation are important. Students of English make impacts in several fields of media and communication, from publishing and journalism to the arts, entertainment, and beyond.

English students are sensitive to the effects of evolving media and to the ways that social messages and cues to behaviour operate within different media, whether print media, film, television, or the internet. English students understand communication and become effective communicators.

Skills mastered by language and literature graduates can be combined with other analytical, critical thinking, and vocational skills. English graduates who go on to postgraduate and professional study programmes find that their language proficiency and analytical abilities feed into their further training. English graduates find it very easy to move into quite specialized knowledge domains. A wide variety of career options are open to them, and graduates of a B.A. English Hons. programme can find success as published authors, publishers, editors, consultants, museum curators, researchers, and analysts.

In addition to expanding your mind and increasing your appreciation for spoken, written, and performed culture, studying the complex Anglophone cultural heritage could be of immediate relevance to the employment you take up after your formal education. You might even decide that you want to teach or do research in the field of English studies and work in a school, college, or university.