Dean’s Message

Prof. (Dr.) Denys P. Leighton
B.A. (University of Virginia), M.A. and Ph.D. (Washington University, St. Louis) Dean, Jindal School of Languages and Literature (JSLL)

Message from Dean - JSLL

The Jindal School of Languages and Literature (JSLL), inaugurated on 23 September 2021 as the eleventh school of O. P. Jindal Global University, serves the university’s mission to become a premier institution for the study of languages, literature, linguistics and associated cultural explorations.  There has, arguably, never been a time when philology-based humanistic studies are more urgently necessary for peaceful coexistence and human flourishing.  All roads of the human and planetary condition lead from language and literature – not only what is written but what is spoken, heard and performed.  Study of language and literature is instrumental in developing our communication skills.

It is also a philosophical activity in that it encourages us to pay close attention to the heritage of our species in all its expressions.  After all, our languages and literature are the ‘archive’ and expanding library not only of human relations but of our species’ relations to non-human life forms.  It is not only from the written record but from folk-tales, myths, epics and other products of culture that we learn about the human condition and humans’ relationship to the cosmos.  JSLL provides a fertile environment for exploration that can produce critiques as well as affirmation of the ways we lead our lives

JSLL launched a B.A. Honours English programme as the first phase of engagement with the languages and literature of the world, with Indian as well as ‘foreign’ languages.  The well-trained faculty of JSLL balances commitments to research, creative work and teaching to help students with their personal discovery and quests for professional fulfilment.  JSLL presently includes the Office of Indian and Foreign Languages, encompassing a Global Languages Center, a Center for Writing Studies and the Taiwan Center.  Through these centers any students of the university can obtain practical instruction in several key languages (currently: Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Farsi) as well as develop their proficiency in English writing and speaking.  With respect to credited courses and formal instruction, JSLL faculty contribute to English studies; communication studies; creative writing; translation studies; performance and film studies; and learning of Spanish and other languages.  Several JSLL courses focus on comparative and world literature and our courses generally serve the interdisciplinary commitment of the university.  Elective courses of JSLL are designed to appeal to the interests and needs of students enrolled in many of the university’s degree programmes.  In JSLL students develop vocational skills while honing their analytical abilities.  The School organizes regular extra-curricular and value-added activities to help learners and stimulate their imaginations.

I join the faculty and students of JSLL in inviting curious and energetic learners to travel with us in their journeys of discovery and towards creative and professional accomplishment.