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Dean’s Message

Prof. (Dr.) Denys P. Leighton
B.A. (University of Virginia), M.A. and Ph.D. (Washington University, St. Louis) Dean, Jindal School of Languages and Literature (JSLL)

Dean’s Message

The Jindal School of Languages and Literature (JSLL) is the eleventh school of O. P. Jindal Global University. JSLL has been set up to encourage innovative research and effectively teach languages, linguistics and literature studies for our present hyper-globalized era, when language learning and intercultural communication are more important to human flourishing than ever before. In our time languages are both dying out as well as expanding in use and richness. Several languages have expanded their reach to include hundreds of millions of speakers, even in far removed corners of the globe, and it is common today to find people who are bi- or trilingual, who know a ‘global’ language as well as regional or local ones.

Understanding or speaking a ‘foreign’ or ‘non-native’ language is something we sometimes choose to do and at other times is non-negotiable. We see that it is highly beneficial to our lives. To be sure, we learn new languages for both fun and profit! In classical systems of formal learning, in India and elsewhere, philology (a Greek word meaning love of words) was the business of every educated person. Learning multiple languages and literatures was even an ethical responsibility, through which people became steeped in their cultural heritage and embraced their humanity. Important and beautiful works of separate literatures-local, regional and national-are today understood as being part of world literature and as having value for human society as a whole. This is something we come to appreciate whether we read (or hear or see) a work in translation or in its original language. Use of several languages is increasingly part of our everyday cultural experience and helps us literally become known to ourselves and to others.

O. P. Jindal Global University has a varied faculty whose members have extensive global and international experience. Many have learned, taught and researched in different countries and experienced cultural migration. The wider faculty of the university will join the faculty of JSLL in helping students become comfortable and proficient in their use of language and languages and in their appreciation of cultural value in several geographical areas. In addition to an accomplished faculty who will guide students through their study programmes, JSLL has state-of-the art facilities for study of language and literature. JGU has more than a dozen thematic research centres through which faculty and students add to knowledge of our world, and several of the centres focus on regions such as Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America. The JGU Global Languages Centre and the Centre for Writing Studies work in coordination with JSLL to provide effective language instruction and impart skills to any and all JGU students who seek to learn a new language.

Student clubs and organizations conduct events and give performances that will enhance your appreciation of language and the arts. JSLL is well networked with the many foreign cultural institutes and agencies for language learning located in Delhi and elsewhere. Agreements for learning and research between JGU and institutions in more than 50 countries of the world mean that students of JSLL have a vast number of opportunities to study their chosen language in a foreign country (for academic credit) and to complete internships involving international organizations. JSLL provides all the ingredients for a stimulating and rewarding higher education journey and a subsequent career.

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