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Nirmolika Sangha

Intelligence Analyst at Wipro Limited MADLB 18-20
My time at Jindal School of International Affairs was very engaging and enriching. The faculty at JSIA is excellent, engaging students in debate and discussions, and urging us to go beyond simple, bookish learning. The coursework is designed to push us to think beyond the obvious, and the learning atmosphere at JSIA encourages students to ask questions and put forth their opinions. The faculty is easily accessible to students, and always willing to assist them with any difficulties. Dedicated courses on Research Methodology, along with other writing assignments helped me to develop my research, analysis, and academic writing skills. Faculty members have always taken time out to provide individual feedback to students on our assignments and tests, thus helping us to recognise our gaps in learning and improve our skills.

JSIA also gave me an opportunity to intern at think tanks like United Service Institution of India (USI), and Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS), along with a humanitarian organisation like Humanitarian Aid International (HAI). The internships at USI and CLAWS allowed me to interact with experts in areas like National Security, West Asian studies, Chinese studies, Defence Technology, to name a few. These internships also helped me to cement my research, analysis and writing skills beyond the classroom and provided me with a platform to publish my work. Interning with HAI helped me understand how grassroots organisations work in the field and gave me a chance to explore refugee issues within a local and global context, complementing my learning in the classroom. My academic learning, along with my internship experiences have allowed me to push myself further and perform well in my current role as an Intelligence Analyst at Wipro Limited.

JSIA provides several opportunities for greater exposure, including semester abroad and summer programmes. I got the chance to attend a 4-week summer programme on ‘Identity-Based Conflict Resolution’ at Bar-Ilan University in Israel. My experiences at the Bar-Ilan University and in Israel will stay with me forever.