Admissions Open 2024

Dean’s Message

Dean's Message

Prof. (Dr.) Sreeram S. Chaulia

JSIA’s main objective is to generate and spread interdisciplinary social science knowledge that informs current and future international policymaking, via rigorous academic training of qualified graduate students. This dovetails with JGU’s overall institutional goal of becoming a knowledge storehouse in the social sciences, which have been long played second fiddle to the hard sciences in Indian academia.

Although the need for building a world-class graduate school as a game-changer in international studies education in India has been expressed in many quarters, no university has yet walked the talk by creating one. As JGU’s third School– following the Jindal Global Law School (JGLS) and the Jindal Global Business School (JGBS) – JSIA aims to act as a corrective to the sliding standards of research in international studies departments and programmes across India.

By attracting internationally qualified faculty members and pooling together minds from several inter-related academic disciplines under a single School, JSIA is positioning itself as a producer of knowledge and shaper of careers in international affairs.

International studies in India require a quantum leap in terms of in-depth thematic and geographic understanding of world issues. JSIA’s cutting-edge research and publications agenda and collaborations with international academic and policy institutions are meant to generate continuous scholarly output on hitherto neglected areas that comprise the fast-expanding realm of ‘global policy studies’.

India’s voice on global issues must be strengthened via concrete policy contributions to outstanding world problems. JSIA will be a nucleus of this historic agenda.