M.A. in Diplomacy, Law and Business

Course Start Date
01 August 2021

Course End Date
31 July 2023

2 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3 Lacs


The two-year MA in Diplomacy, Law and Business programme is intended to be neither a totally academic nor a fully vocational one. It stresses theoretical research but insists on relating it to empirically rich phenomena from the social world. Unlike mainstream MA programmes in International Relations, which are loaded in favour of theoretical research or ‘professional’ course work and internships, MA DLB strikes a balance between the two and requires students to be versed in both domains.

A number of core and elective courses in this MA programme’s curriculum have research essay assignments, which are expected to be at the frontier of ongoing scholarly debates and simultaneously accessible to policymakers in India and abroad


Applicant to the M.A (DLB) at JSIA must hold a Bachelor’s degree from any recognised university. This course is open to students from all disciplines there are no pre-requisites in terms of the courses undertaken at the Bachelor’s level.

Admission is based on performance in undergraduate degree and in the entrance examination. Students completing their Bachelor’s degree in 2020 can also apply.

Credit Structure

The M.A. (DLB) degree requires the completion of 83 credits over 4 semesters.

  • All students are required to take 10 mandatory courses covering the fields of international relations, international economics, international law, and research methods
  • Upon completion of the mandatory courses, students may choose from a wide range of elective courses offered by the Schools of International Affairs (JSIA), Law (JGLS), Business (JGBS), Public Policy (JSGP), Liberal Arts and Humanities(JSLH), Banking and Finance (JSBF), Art and Architecture (JSAA), Journalism and Communication (JSJC) and Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences (JIBS) at JGU.
  • In the final semester, students also have the option of completing a dissertation; the dissertation is worth 18 credits and can be done instead of elective courses of the same credit value.
  • Students are also required to complete a Guided Internship Programme between semesters 2 and 3. JSIA has a dedicated team of faculty and staff to assist students with obtaining internships, in both India and abroad, as per student preferences and interests.

Faculty perspectives on the M.A. in Diplomacy, Law and Business


Course Structure


Students are offered a number of elective courses from their second semester of study. These courses are often interdisciplinary, involving elements of law as well as other disciplines in social science and management. Successful completion of electives will lead to the awarding of credits, which are ascertained per elective, based on the number of instructional hours. For example, a three credit course will have atleast three hours of classroom lectures per week and one or more hours of tutorial instruction per week.

List of Electives

  • International Human Rights and Humanitarian Law
  • Global Business Strategies
  • International Security Studies
  • International Trade Law and Policy
  • International Transitional Justice
  • International Relations of East Asia
  • International Economic Development
  • Negotiating and Resolving International Conflicts
  • Laws of International Economics
  • Organizational Change
  • Gender and Human Rights: International Perspectives
  • Indian Foreign Policy
  • International Political Economy
  • Global LGBTQ Politics
  • South Asian Migrations
  • Afghanistan in the Shadow of Sub–continental Geo-politics
  • Ethnic and National Conflicts
  • Political Economy of Religion in India
  • Defense and National Security
  • New Stakeholder in Indian Foreign Policy
  • Maritime Security
  • US Foreign Policy
  • Chinese Foreign Policy
  • Gender in International Relations
  • International Development Finance and South–South cooperation
  • Afghanistan: Politics and Society
  • Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Israeli Foreign Policy
  • Islam in Post-colonial Societies: State, Identity and Gender
  • Global Migration: the un-belonging citizen?
  • Theory and Praxis of Diplomacy
  • Drug Trafficking in the Americas
  • World News from Multiple Perspectives
  • Democratization
  • Government and Politics of Southeast Asia
  • International Relations of Southeast Asia
  • South China Sea Disputes

Post Programme Careers

The curriculum of the M.A. (DLB) includes a mandatory Guided Internship that prepares students for careers in the multiple opportunities afforded by ever-expanding career streams like Peace and Conflict Resolution, Area Studies Experts, Political Journalism, International Justice, International Economic Development, Humanitarian Relief, Human Rights Advocacy, Political and Economic Risk Analysis etc.

Graduates of JSIA go on to become versatile international affairs professionals.  Students who aim at academic careers are trained in social science theory and methods of the highest quality, so that they become eligible for admission to Ph.D. programmes at top international universities.

Admission Helpline

Ms. Chetna

Admission Counsellor

: + 91- 8930110960

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