Master of Arts in International Relations, Security, and Strategy -In Partnership with Coursera

24 – 36 months (Estimated 10 hours a week)

Programme Mode
Completely online

Total Programme Fee
Rs 450,000/ $6000 USD


This programme is aimed at students and working professionals around the world who may be aspiring to join the diplomatic corps of their countries, serving diplomats, journalists, lawyers, civil society activists and other keen followers of geopolitics and foreign relations. Develop the analytical skills and a deep understanding of international policy that employers are looking for, and are in high demand in government, private and non-profit sectors.

MAIRSS graduates will be equipped to work in fields such as the Civil and Diplomatic services, Conflict Resolution, Area Studies, Political Journalism, International Justice, International Economic Development, Humanitarian Relief, Human Rights Advocacy, Political and Economic Risk Analysis, Public Policy organisations, CSR initiatives, academic institutions, think tanks, NGOs, media and political organizations.

After graduation our on-campus students have joined organizations including:

  • UNDP

  • Brookings

  • Ministry of External Affairs, India

  • Amnesty International

  • BBC

  • Human Rights Watch

  • The Economist

  • Oxfam India

  • Indian Council of World Affairs

  • NITI Aayog, India

  • Wipro

Career Services

O.P. Jindal Global University Office of Career Services (OCS) provides holistic career development support to the JGU student community, from guidance in career exploration to achieving immediate career goals. The OCS creates a collaborative, collegial environment that brings together all university stakeholders in the pursuit of better career stories for JGU students and alumni.

The OCS works on three broad areas: career education, career advising, and employer relations. Career education entails conclaves, workshops, and webinars that enhance students’ understanding of careers and build their employability skills. Hundreds of senior leaders from corporates, law firms, non-profits, startups, and government participate in sessions organized by the OCS every year.

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Alumni Network Benefits

As a JGU alumnus, you will have access to a growing community of young professionals based in India and around the world. In addition to the possibilities within the alumni network, JGU regularly runs programmes to enhance alumni professional prospects and encourage lifelong learning. JGU’s Office of Alumni Relations is committed to bringing together alumni and current students in ways that extend mentorship opportunities, simplify job searches, and bring visibility to the accomplishments of our outstanding graduates.

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