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B.A. (Hons.) Global Affairs

Course Start Date

1st August 2023
End Date
31 July 2027
4 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

Electives: B.A. (Hons.) Global Affairs

JSIA Elective Policy


  • BAGA students are offered elective courses from their second semester of study. These courses are interdisciplinary, involving elements of law as well as other disciplines in social sciences and humanities.
  • Beside the list of JSIA elective courses that are offered every semester to JSIA students, there are a number of cross elective courses that are offered by other schools of JGU and are available for bidding to JSIA students.

A. Elective Specialization (Clusters)

  • JSIA offers elective courses that are categorized into five main clusters:
  1. Peace and Conflict Studies
  2. Economics and Foreign Policy
  3. Defence and National Security Studies
  4. Human Rights and International Development
  5. Global South Studies
  • Students can select three electives worth 12 credits from one track (cluster) to specialize in a given concentration and get awarded with a certificate of specialization after graduation in that cluster.
  • The three cluster elective courses can be taken in one semester or may be spread over two or more semesters.

B. Guidelines and Rules for Electives

  1. Students can take a maximum of 46 credits outside JSIA in case they choose to opt for cross elective (i.e. other JGU schools’ cross electives), which represent 25% of the minimum credit requirement for graduation (185 credits).
  2. External JSIA Credits exceeding 25% will imply the approval of the Dean of the School and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs for Undergraduate programmes.
  3. The removal of an elective with an (F) grade is possible only after the final semester if the student is fulfilling the mandatory credit requirement of 185 credits.