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B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy

Course Start Date

12th September 2022
End Date
31 July 2025
3 Years

Programme Fee (Yearly)

Rs. 3.5 Lacs

B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy- Programme Introduction

The Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Diplomacy and Foreign Policy is a new three-year degree programme being offered by the Jindal School of International Affairs (JSIA) of O.P. Jindal Global University (JGU) from August 2022. This degree is intended to train undergraduates with a detailed, thorough and practical understanding of how foreign policy is conceived, formulated and implemented, as well as how the individual or allied foreign policies of countries strive to work in harmony based on shared interests. This programme will also focus on countries and non-state actors that pose challenges or threats to them. Diplomacy is called the engine of international politics and this degree programme is a comprehensive learning of all the tracks of diplomacy from traditional to modern, from public to cultural diplomacy, and the links between diplomacy, defence and national interests.


The B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy programme aims to equip students with an overview of the various instruments a state may use to pursue its foreign policy in a complex and challenging world order at the intersection of a detailed consideration of the constraints and limits it faces in the international domain, emanating from the rise/fall of globalisation, social and economic rights, and communication technologies which are central to media-based public diplomacy. It is the first and only unique Bachelor’s degree programme in India which integrates the study of related fields of foreign policy in the context of preservation of a state’s sovereignty and national interests, decision-making models of national leaders, hard and soft power in a fast-changing world order, and the essentials of statecraft– all combined into a single seamless Bachelor’s degree. This programme ensures that students gain a comprehensive foundation for understanding and applying classroom learnings as well as shaping their careers. Students will be introduced to diverse ideas and concepts of statehood and nationhood, national interest and diplomacy, the interaction between foreign policy formation and processes, and security, war, peace, sustainable development and other non-traditional domains involving social, political and economic rights as well.

Distinctive Features of B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy:

  • Global curriculum and pedagogy.
  • Multidisciplinary courses to train students in various areas of foreign policymaking.
  • Experiential learning facilitated via field trips, internships and initiatives in 14 research centres; analytical thinking and critical reasoning enhanced through scenario building exercises, research papers and interactive learning sessions.
  • Internationally qualified teaching and research faculty from top universities of the world.
  • Efficient and effective faculty-student interaction, smaller classes, mentor-mentee programme, extra tutorial sessions.
  • Extensive politics, social sciences, international affairs, and policy library with over 63,000 volumes and electronic databases.
  • Partnerships with the best educational establishments around the world.
  • International student and faculty exchange programmes and summer schools and the “Globally networked future diplomats development programme”.
  • Training in foreign languages including Arabic, Dari, French, German, Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Regular public lecture series–seminars, symposiums and workshops engaging eminent scholars and practitioners from around the world.
  • Regular faculty board meetings, community building events with students, and communication channels for constant academic, administrative, and behavioural review and reform.

Why B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy from JSIA?

This B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy programme from JSIA is a unique programme that broadens the study and career options for students whose interests lie at the confluence of international relations and world politics. This programme gives students a unique opportunity to learn about the fault lines in the contemporary world, and how foreign policy and its instrument– diplomacy– helps to stabilise or change international orders. This programme is ideally suited to aspirants who aim to join the foreign services of their country or who are motivated to work in regional and international organisations and private corporations that have operations in multiple countries. This programme is aimed at students aspiring to join the diplomatic corps or make careers as foreign affairs journalists and editors, lawyers, civil society activists, government relations executives in multinational corporations, and many other pathways. Students enrolling in this degree are expected to learn thoroughly about various aspects of diplomacy, including motives, objectives, methods, treaty-making, negotiating, report-writing, diplomatic correspondence, conference practice and procedure. Students will get a full understanding of complex power relations, geo-politics, geo-economics, bilateral and multilateral diplomacy, negotiations, armed conflicts and diplomatic crisis management. Students will also be introduced to the foreign policies of great, middle and small powers in different regions of the world.

Since 2011, JSIA has had a track-record of offering successful and innovative B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees. The launch of this unique degree is to further expand the options for undergraduates who dream of changing the world and of becoming leaders of their own countries or of international institutions like the United Nations and other inter-governmental or non-governmental organisations.

Progression to M.A. Diplomacy Law and Business (M.A. DLB): B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy students who complete the 3 years will have a special opportunity to progress directly to JSIA’s Masters in Diplomacy, Law and Business – M.A. DLB programme, subject to high meritorious academic performance in the B.A. (Hons.) DFP.

Students can also choose to opt for a second M.A. from Queen Mary University of London, UK; University of Leeds, UK; or University of Warsaw, Poland. A Career Director assists students in finding suitable internships in the United Nations system, other inter-governmental, regional and non-governmental organisations, financial institutions, think tanks and diplomatic missions.

The curriculum of the B.A. (Hons.) Diplomacy and Foreign Policy includes a mandatory guided internship requirement that prepares students for careers in the multiple opportunities afforded by ever-expanding career streams like Peace and Conflict Resolution, International Justice, International Economic Development, Humanitarian Relief, Human Rights Advocacy, Political and Economic Risk Analysis etc. Graduates of JSIA go on to become versatile international affairs professionals.