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Dr. Sudip Patra

Assistant Professor

B.Sc. (Calcutta University);
M.B.A. (International Business & Management);
M.Sc.(Coventry University, UK);
Ph.D. (Glasgow University)

Associate Fellow, HEA, UK

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Dr Sudip Patra has done PhD in Mathematical modelling in Finance from Glasgow University, Scotland.

His research areas are Quantum Like modelling in social sciences, Econophysics, Complexity Dynamics and philosophy of natural and social sciences. He is fortunate to work with eminent scientists who are pioneering figures in this new paradigm of quantum like modelling, which is a novel extension of Hilbert space modelling in decision theory, providing a new foundation of decision theory. Currently working on papers, with current publications in noted journals like Physica A.

He is also directing Quantum Social Science center at OP Jindal Global University (with Professor Shiv Visvanathan, the center being an interdisciplinary network of social and natural sciences), which is focused in building global networks with noted research groups across countries. He has been involved in organizing international conferences in this field. He has visited noted universities across countries, like Aston University, UK, IIT Bombay, India, Sofia University, Bulgaria, to deliver talks and building research networks. He has also been invited as speakers in international conferences on quantum cognition modelling, for example by Thailand Econometric Society (Jan 2021).

  • Econophysics and quantum like modelling in economic theory.
  • Mathematical Modelling in economics, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Game theory, Behavioral Economics.
  • Khrennikova, P., Patra, S.: Asset trading under non-classical ambiguity and heterogeneous beliefs. Physica A 521, 562–577 (2019) (SCOPUS INDEXED, ABDC, ABS)
  • Patra, S. 2019. Agents’ Behavior in Crisis: Can Quantum Decision Modeling Be a Better Answer?, The Globalization Conundrum—Dark Clouds behind the Silver Lining: 137-156: Springer (BOOK CHAPTER)
  • Patra, S. 2019, A Quantum framework for economic science: new directions, Economics, No. 2019-20 (SCOPUS INDEXED)
  • Patra, S., & Dastidar, S. G. (2018). Finance and growth: Evidence from South Asia. Jindal Journal of Business Research, 7(1) 37–60
  • YOUSEF I., PATRA S., TANNA S., 2016, Signaling and Lifecycle Theories in the Banking Sectors of GCC Frontier Markets: An Empirical Assessment, Handbook of Frontier Markets (pp. 49-63).