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Contact Info
Dr. Harsh Mittal
Assistant Professor

Harsh Mittal specializes in the field of urban politics, governance and public policy. He is broadly interested in the politics within policy processes including those related to urban governance, smart cities, energy, and urban infrastructure. To innovate conversations exploring such politics, he brings together concepts and methods in the area of Policy Studies, Political Anthropology, Urban Studies, and Critical Organization Studies.

Harsh had his undergraduate education in chemical engineering from BITS Pilani, followed by work in the software industry. He received a Ph.D. from Public Systems Group at Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad, where his doctoral thesis employed ethnography to examine the political practices enacting smart cities discourse in India.

B.E. (BITS Pilani);
Ph.D. (Public Systems, IIM Ahmedabad)


Teaching and Research Interests

Policy Process; Anthropology of Policy; Anthropology of Infrastructure; Policy Discourse analysis; Science and Technology Studies; Multiple-Streams Approach; Spatial stories; City Administrations; Housing politics; Coal Power regulation; Drainage infrastructure; Electronic-waste management; Infrastructure repair economies; Megaprojects.



In peer-reviewed journals


Chapters in edited (and peer-reviewed) books

  • Navdeep Mathur & Harsh Mittal. Neoliberal Governing as Production of Fantasy: Contemporary Transformations in Ahmedabad’s Landscape. In D. K. Mishra & P. K. Nayak (Eds.), Land and Livelihoods in Neoliberal India. Springer Nature Singapore Pte Ltd, 2020.
  • Navdeep Mathur, Harsh Mittal, Advaita Rajendra, and Maulik Pathak. Ahmedabad/GIFT City. In A. M. Orum (Ed.), The Wiley-Blackwell Encyclopedia of Urban and Regional Studies, 2019.
  • Harsh Mittal. Smart city worlds: Spatial stories from a Ph.D. field diary. In S. J. Benjamin (Ed.), Cities Untold: Spatial stories, negotiations and imaginations. Series: India Since the 90s [Series editor: Ashish Rajadhyaksha]. Columbia University Press and Tulika Books, (forthcoming).