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Last Date of submission: 30th June 2022

International Conference on the Built Environment (ICBE-2022) Call for Papers

Organised by the Jindal School of Art and Architecture (JSAA), OP Jindal Global University, National Capital Region (NCR), India.

Jindal School of Art and Architecture (JSAA), O. P. Jindal Global University announces the second edition of the International Conference on the Built Environment (ICBE-2022). The conference is an annual initiative that aims to nurture critical thinking, encourage research, and foster a peer network among undergraduate students of the built environment across disciplines. It provides students – at an early stage of their careers – a platform to present their ideas and research through an academic paper or poster. We welcome students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds such as architecture, history, political science, psychology, urban design, urban planning, sociology, anthropology, geography, art, environmental studies and others to come together to exchange ideas and share their research at ICBE-2022.

The first edition of ICBE last year (2021) received overwhelming response with hundreds of abstracts submitted by students from across the globe. Keynote speakers Dr. Hilal Ahmed and Mr. Thomas Crowley shared their deep insights, we screened Dr. Anandana Kapur’s award winning Documentary “Aayi Gayi: When will electricity come?” Different panels and sessions engaged with exciting and innovative research questions raised by the presenters. Recordings of the first edition are available on our YouTube channel. 

ICBE-2022 welcomes papers / posters from undergraduate students exploring questions relating to the built Environment that encompass:

1. Practice – Issues related to practice of design, architecture, planning and construction

2. Gender – Gendered Spaces, Territoriality, Sexuality, Bio-politics

3. Nature & Environment - Ecology, Man-Animal Conflicts

4. Society & Culture – Social Theory, Modernity, Post-Humanism

5. Making – Building, Crafting, Doing, In-Situ, Thingness

6. Mobility – Transit & Transportation, Migration, Tourism

7. Public health – Medical care, Healthy environment, Services

8. Safety – Actual and Perceived Street crime, Social & Environmental Psychology

9. Heritage – Identity, Conservation, Adaptive Reuse

10. Technology – Materials, Structures, Systems

11. Sustainability – Ecosystems, Climate Change, Energy Efficiency

12. Policy – Legality, Bylaws, Building Regulations, Acts & Rules

13. Representation – Social Narratives, Religion, Class & Caste

14. Media – Visual Culture, Sound, Senses & Sensoriality

15. Community – Collective, Public Participation, Civil Society

16. Ownership – Land & Property, Belongingness, Act of Settling

17. Labour – Construction Industry, Design Labour, Migration Trend

18. Artifacts - Monuments, Furniture, Objects, Interiors, Symbolism

19. Everyday practice – Informality, Othering, On Street Lives

20. Knowledge Systems/ Education - Questions concerning design, architecture and planning education 

However, this is not an exhaustive list, and we are keen to hear your innovative ideas and research questions. Your presentation can be framed within any sphere of inquiry as long as it is relevant to the built environment. 

Guidelines for Paper / Poster Submission:

1. All submissions must be original works.  

2. The text should not exceed 3000 words, excluding the title, abstract, endnotes and the bibliography. Posters should be composed on an A1 sheet with a resolution of 150 dpi. 

3. Submissions should cite all sources, resources and existing research the paper/poster draws from. Please use Chicago / MLA style of referencing for citations. 

4. Submissions should be emailed to within the submission deadline - 30th June 2022, in order to be considered for review and acceptance. All queries should also be forwarded to this email. 

5. We follow double-blind peer review process for review and selection of the papers. Do not mention your name, college, or any other identifiable information in the paper / poster you submit.

6. Mention your name and college/ university ONLY in the body of your email.

7. Please submit your paper/ poster in pdf and docx file formats only. 


Important Dates:

1. Submission of Papers / Posters closes - 30th June 2022 

2. Letters of Acceptance – 10th Aug 2022 

3. Submission of Reworked Papers – 31st August 2022 

4. Deadline for Registration - 31st August 2022 

5. Conference Dates - 16th to 18th September 2022 

Due to the ongoing uncertainty of national and international travel, ICBE-2022 will be held in a Hybrid mode. Presenters can attend the conference virtually from their respective locations or attend it physically on the JGU campus as well.



1. What is the focus of International Conference on the Built Environment (ICBE) 2022?
ICBE 2022 aims to engage with interdisciplinary entanglements in theory and practice concerning the ‘built environment’. This encompasses a wide range of     inquiries as listed above.

2. Will the ICBE 2022 be entirely online?
It will be in hybrid mode. The presenters can choose to either attend / present online or in person. The keynote speakers will join online.

3. Who can participate?
Undergraduate students and recent graduates from diverse disciplinary backgrounds such as architecture, history, political science, psychology, urban design, urban planning, sociology, anthropology, geography, art, environmental studies and others.

4. How many submissions are allowed per person?




5. What are the formats of submissions?
As a research paper (in .pdf or .docx) and as a poster (in .pdf, .jpg, .png, .tif formats). The research paper should not exceed 3000 words, excluding the title, abstract, endnotes and the bibliography. Posters should be composed on     A1 sheets, 150 DPI. Please refer to the submission guidelines above for   complete details.

6. What is the format of citation? 
In Chicago and /or MLA formats.

7. Can a multi-authored research paper be submitted?

8. Is there a requirement of a research mentor (faculty)?
Not necessarily, at the discretion of the presenter/s. 

9. Will it be possible to make changes in the paper / poster after the submission deadline and be resent? 
No. If the paper / poster is selected, presenter/s can rework on it till September 3, 2022. 

10. Is there a registration fee?

11. What is the submission deadline? 
June 30, 2022

12. When will I be notified? 
Letters of acceptance will be sent by August 10,2022.

13. Will certificates of attendance be offered? 

14. Will the submissions be published?
The ICBE book of abstracts will be published in our student newsletter,‘Etcetera’.

15. When will the complete program of the ICBE 2022 be available?
By the first week of August 2022, which will include details about the panels     and the keynote speakers. Please check our conference website for the same


For further queries: