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17, 18, 19 September- O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat

International Undergraduate Student Research Conference 2021

On Questions concerning our Built Environment.

The Jindal School of Art and Architecture (JSAA), OP Jindal Global University is proud to announce the first ever Undergraduate Student Research Conference on the Built Environment. Imagined as an annual event, the JSAA Undergraduate Research Conference (JSAA-URC), aims to foster and nurture a research-oriented ecology of critical thinking and creation of peer interaction network in undergraduate students of the built environment across various disciplines.  We see this conference as providing you your first platform for articulating and presenting your research through an academic paper or poster. Given this inter/ transdisciplinary nature of field of study,  the JSAA-UGRC team invites students of architecture, history; political science, psychology; urban design, urban planning, sociology, anthropology, geography, art and others to come together and exchange ideas regarding the built environment through the medium of this conference.


We welcome papers / posters that engage the interconnections of the Built Environment to questions of:

Theory; Gender; Nature & Environment; Society & Culture; Making; Mobility; Safety; Health; Heritage;  Technology; Sustainability; Policy; Representation;  Media; Community;  Ownership; Labour; Artifacts;  Everyday practice, to name a few.


Guidelines for Paper Submission:

1. All submissions must be original works. They must not be plagiarized from existing scholarship or other online resources.


2. Papers should not be more than 2500 words, excluding the name of the paper, abstract, end notes and bibliography.


3. Submissions should cite all resources and existing research scholarship properly. Please use Chicago / MLA style referencing for all forms of citation.


4. Papers can be premised on any of the topics / areas mentioned above. However, they need not be limited to these only. Trans-disciplinary research and papers are especially welcome.


5. All queries and submissions should be emailed to within the set deadline in order to be considered for review and eventual acceptance.


6. Do not mention your name, college or any other identifiable information on your paper submissions. Only mention your name and college / university in the body of your mail. Pdf and doc file format will only be accepted for submissions.


7. In-progress research such as seminar papers, end term papers, and undergraduate dissertations, are also welcome, as long as they fulfill the submission guidelines.


Important Dates to Remember:
1. Announcement of the Conference  - 15th March 2021

2. Last Date for Submission of Full Papers - 31st May 2021

3. Letters of Acceptance - 30th June 2021

4. Last Date for Submission of Reworked Papers - 31st July 2021

5. Last Date for Registration for Participation - 15th August 2021

6. Conference Dates - 17th to 19th September 2021



The 2 Keynote Speakers for the Conference will be announced shortly.
Reviewing Panel for the Conference:

All papers will go through a blind peer review process for acceptance into the conference. The review panel will comprise people with long standing expertise in the field of built environment studies. They will assess each paper and shortlist the final papers that will be presented at the conference in September 2021. The reviewer comments and suggestions for amendments / improvements for each paper will be attached along with the acceptance letters. Accepted papers will be required to resubmit their papers based on the reviewer comments as per the dates mentioned.



Key Points for Participation:

1. The conference is being organized by the Jindal School of Art & Architecture, at the O.P. Jindal Global University, Sonipat Campus, in September 2021.


2. Only full papers (not more than 2500 words) that are complete and follow all criteria for paper submission will be considered for peer review.


3. Jindal School of Art & Architecture will arrange for lodging and boarding for all accepted paper presenters, from 17th to 19th September 2021, within the University Campus.


4.  Travel within local area (Delhi NCR) will have to be arranged by the candidates themselves. Outstation presenters can apply for limited travel reimbursements from the Jindal School of Art & Architecture.


5. A compilation of the conference proceedings will be made available online on our website. Few papers that meet certain standards in quality will be considered for further publication.


6. Registration for participation at the conference must be done online by the stipulated date in order to be considered for lodging and boarding arrangements.


For any additional information or queries:

Mail us on -  or, and we will be happy to address your concerns immediately.


Watch out for more information and related videos about the conference.