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Prof. Sourav Banerjea
Assistant Professor and Assistant Dean of Student Experience

Sourav Banerjea is a trained urban designer from CEPT University, Ahmedabad, who finds excitement in mapping subject driven politics of resistance and urban space production through grassroots interventions within the framework of deep democracy and civil society revolutions. Positioned within the arguments of Neoliberal ideology, Sourav constantly examines the status quo between all the vital sections of the society. Ideals of inclusivity, informality, natural ecological systems and symbology informs his design approach heavily. He has presented his ideas and research at a few international and national academic conferences, of the likes of ACSA and ACSP, where his research scholarship has been positively accepted and was dwelled upon. He has more than 5 years of teaching experience, being engaged at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon since 2014. His present research revolves around the infant city of Gurgaon, flocked by millennials from all over the globe, where the primary enquiry is to understand the dynamics of speculative land and built property development and its influence on citizen formation.

In order to keep himself constantly charged with fresh architectural thought, he participates in a lot of idea competitions (often along with his students), where he further explores the design aspects of ideas like post-criticality, the diagrammatic, social sustainability etc. to generate award winning concepts.

Sourav believes in the design led studio pedagogy of many western scholarly universities and urges such projects to become the mainstream within the framework of Indian Architecture education as well. Design led policies will have to become a mandatory field within all physical interventions in our country.

B.Arch (Pilo Modi College of Architecture, Cuttack);
M.Arch (CEPT University, Ahmedabad)

Teaching and Research Interests

Architectural design, Urban design, settlement study, post-critical thinking, globalization studies, urban issues and theory, modern and post-modern architectural history, urban sociology, architectural drawing and rendering


Publications / Conference Presentations

  1. 59th ACSP (Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning) International Conference, Greenville, USA, October 2019.

  2. Banerjea, S. (2019) Manufactured Urbanity: Examining the Global South and the Ongoing Experiments of Neo-Liberal Urbanism - Case Gurgaon, India. Accepted Abstract.
  3. International Conference on ‘Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering, J N U, Delhi, July 2019.
  4. Agarwal, M., Banerjea, S. (2019) Investigating theories of O M A as an intermediary between Critical and Post-Critical Practice. Journal of Civil Engineering and Environmental Technology (JCEET). p-ISSN: 2349-8404 / e-ISSN: 2349-879X
  5. Banerjea, S., Farooqi, A.T. (2019) Visual Culture, Disciplinary Engagement and Drawing: Pedagogical Possibilities for an Indian way of Architectural Thinking. Conference Proceedings, ACSA EAAE, Antwerp, Belgium.
  6. 4th International Conference, Paradigmatic Cities, Turkey, May 2019.
  7. Banerjea, S. (2019) Neo-liberal Thought and it’s influence on Architecture and Urban Transformations in City-Regions of the Global South. Case: Gurgaon and it’s Region, India. Conference Proceedings, BAU, Istanbul, Turkey.
  8. 107th ACSA (Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture) International Conference, Pittsburgh, USA, March 2019.
  9. Banerjea, S., Farooqi, A.T. (2019) Examining ‘Order in Disorder’: A Speculation into Space, Time & The Human Subject, in context of Urban Villages in Delhi. ACSA Conference Proceedings, Pittsburgh, USA.
  10. 7th National Conference - Architecture for Masses, Jamia Milia Islamia, Feb 2019.
  11. Banerjea, S. (2019) Manufacturing an [Data] Urbanity: Contemporary Processes and Outcomes. Case – Gurgaon, India. Conference Proceedings, Jamia Milia Islamia, New Delhi.
  12. First Research Symposium, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, February 2019.

Invited Talks / Juries

  1.   Invited Lecture at Gitam University, Vizag, September 2018: Lecture and Discussion on History/ Theory/ Design
    Connect, and how to utilize multi-paradigmatic knowledge in formulating undergraduate thesis projects.

  2. Invited Lecture at Urban Design Department, S.P.A. Delhi, August 2015: A concise presentation on info-graphics, its varieties, processes and outcomes, for communicating design thought.
  3. Invited Jury at IGDTUW, Delhi, December 2019: For the final year research subject on Urban Issues.
  4. Invited Jury at Lovely Professional University, December 2019: For the 4th Year Urban Design Studio based on the premise of Multi-modal transit hub.


Concept Design Competitions

  1. Volume Zero - MICROHOUSING, 2019: Top 10 Honourable Mentions - International Concept Design Competition, to design a microhousing community in an urban area, along with Srutee Bhut and Madhur Agarwal.

  2. Sqr.Factor - Travel Unravel, 2019: Top 10 Honourable Mentions - International Concept Design Competition, to innovate highway transit stopovers, along with Srutee Bhut.
  3. Volume Zero - UNBOX, 2018: Top 50 Special Mentions - International Concept Design Competition,  to promote innovative use of shipping containers, along with Vedyun Mishra.
  4. Accomodating The Melange – Pune Biennale Convention, 2015: Runners Up position - Professional Concept Design Competition, a part of “Pune Biennale Art Symposium, 2015”, along with Anuj  V. Kale
  5. AWR competition - Architecture Workshop In Rome, Rome, 2012: Runners Up position - International Concept Design Competition on “Horizontal Farm - Redefining Slums in India’’, along with Sohomdeep Sinharoy and Anuj V. Kale.
  6. International Association Of Humane Habitats, IAHH, 2011: Winners - International Concept Design Competition on “Sustainable communities around Small Towns’’. Case: Kohima, along with Sanghamitra Barthakur and Mithila Manolkar.