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Students at the JSAA can opt for any of the prefigured minors or even design their own minor in consultation with a faculty mentor. The minor area of study can work in two ways for students. On the one hand, it can provide a student with an area of concentration within their major discipline or an assailed field. For example, a student majoring in architecture can minor in Spatial Analytics. On the other hand, the minor area of study can also provide a student with an additional or a secondary area of study, for example a student majoring in BA (Hons.) Built Environment Studies, or B. Des. and get a minor in Legal Studies.  


Minor Requirements:

If a student declares a minor area of study, the minimum credits required to complete the minor typically range from 24-30 credits. 

List of Prefigured Minors: 

1) Liberal Arts

2) Business Studies

3) Legal Studies

4) Government and Political Studies

5) Journalism and Communication

6) Environment and Sustainability Studies

7) Economics and Policy Studies

8) Spatial Analytics

9) Architectural Studies (Not open to B. Arch Students)

10) Interior Design Studies (Not open to B. Des (Interior) Students)

11) Virtual Built Environment & Digital Architecture

12) Psychology